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FRRR is a safe, highly effective and efficient organisation to donate to and partner with.

We are adept at creating and maintaining partnerships that deliver not only for our target communities but also for our partners, many of whom have worked with us since our inception in 2000.

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"The partnership continues to go from strength to strength and has helped Heywire evolve to a level beyond anything we might have imagined only a few years back. FRRR has made a difference by backing great ideas from young regional Australians with resources to make them reality."

Leigh Radford - Head, Rural & National Programs, ABC Regional

"FRRR gives us the opportunity to work with a trusted and credible partner. The FRRR team has networks, influence and experience which help us disseminate our funds in far more cost effective and efficient way than we can achieve on our own. FRRR acts as a conduit, enabling us to support regional, rural and remote communities in a professional manner with insight and empathy."

Mary Jung - Community Investment Manager, Wilson Group Limited

"The Yulgilbar Foundation and FRRR have a long history of collaborative projects to support, replenish and rejuvenate rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. The partnership is one that has made many significant changes to the landscape of this country. We are particularly proud of receiving a joint award from Philanthropy Australia for our partnership on the Tackling Tough Times Together program."

Samantha Baillieu - Chair, Yulgilbar Foundation


If you have any questions about creating a program to help you meet your philanthropic objectives, contact our CEO on (03) 5420 2399 or email us.

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