About FRRR

The FRRR Mission is

‘to champion the economic and social strength of Australia’s

 regional, rural & remote communities through partnerships with

the private sectors, philanthropy and governments.’


FRRR was established in 2000 to support the renewal of rural and regional communities in Australia through partnerships with the private sector, philanthropy and governments.

In its first ten years, FRRR has managed the distribution of over $25 million in grants and provided substantial capacity building support to community organisations across the nation. It continues to deliver on its strategy.

As an Item 1 DGR entity (see ATO endorsement), FRRR is able to receive funds from Item 2 DGR entities as it is covered by Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and is specifically listed as a recipient for deductible gifts under section 30-105.

Due to FRRR’s broad powers, there is no requirement that the organisation receiving a grant must be a deductible gift recipient but their project must be charitable and promote rural and regional renewal, regeneration and development.

FRRR can also receive donations from non-charitable organisations and provide tax deductible receipts; these funds are received into the FRRR Public Fund.

FRRR’s focus has been to make discretionary grants to not-for-profit organisations working to strengthen rural and regional communities across Australia. FRRR works collaboratively with a range of partners and administers several established grants programs and a number of specifically tailored programs for partners.

FRRR is the only national organisation offering small, discretionary funds to small regional communities in all states and territories.

FRRR is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for decision making with regards to grants. Contributions from other trusts and foundations, corporate and private donors also provide funds for grant making. FRRR has a small but dedicated staff, based in Bendigo in regional Victoria.

FRRR has evolved into a ‘get and give’ organisation in so far as public funds raised in any given year are generally distributed within that year. 

FRRR provides grants through the following programs:

  1. ABC Heywire Youth Innovation
  2. ANZ Seeds of Renewal
  3. CARA (Caring for Ageing in Rural Australia)
  4. CATCH (Culture Arts Tourism & Community Heritage)
  5. Community Foundations Sustainability Funding
  6. Gardiner Foundation 'Working in Dairy Communities' Program
  7. GR&W (Grants for Resilience & Wellness) - natural disaster long-term recovery
  8. McEwen Foundation Program for Goulburn Valley
  9. REAPing Rewards (Rural Education Australia Program)
  10. RRR (Repair Restore Renew) – Bushfires, floods and cyclones
  11. Small Grants for Small Rural Communities
  12. Back to School
  13. Donation Account Products