About us

The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) is a not-for-profit organisation that harnesses the power of collective investment between government, business and philanthropy to improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. Our long-term vision is to have vibrant, sustainable and adaptive communities across rural, regional and remote Australia. 

FRRR is both a grant maker and a grant seeker—distributing funds through a number of programs for the benefit of rural and regional Australia. We play a critical role as a connector, working across the philanthropic sector as a conduit for philanthropy to rural communities. We work hard to identify the ways that philanthropy can best support communities – cutting out the noise and deepening the focus to understand what will really make a difference. 

What makes us different?

As the only Australian organisation offering small, discretionary grants, we are an important conduit for philanthropy to rural and regional communities. The collaborative approach we take is also quite unique, allowing groups with a common interest to leverage their investment.

Our work has both a national reach and local focus and is informed by place-based approaches to community development.

We strongly believe that community members are best-placed to understand community needs, wants and aspirations and we advocate community based solutions for community issues. Strong community leadership enables communities to be self-sustaining, resilient and adaptable to economic, social, cultural and environmental changes.

Our tax status also makes us unique: as an Item 1 DGR entity (see ATO endorsement), FRRR is able to receive funds from Item 2 DGR entities as it is covered by Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and we are specifically listed as a recipient for deductible gifts under section 30-105.

Due to these broad powers, there is no need for the organisation receiving a grant to be a deductible gift recipient under tax law, however their project must be charitable and promote rural and regional renewal, regeneration and development.

FRRR can also receive donations from non-charitable organisations and provide tax deductible receipts; these funds are received into the FRRR Public Fund.

The way we work

Our efforts are focused on supporting creative and innovative community leaders, providing resources for projects and programs that create the changes communities aspire to achieve. We do this by assisting communities in rural, regional and remote Australia in three ways:

1. Influencing

Using our knowledge and understanding of rural, regional and remote issues, and our extensive networks to increase awareness of those issues and drive change that delivers maximum benefit. 

2. Enabling

Strengthening regional capacity for growth, development and adjustment through the voice of the communities themselves.

We also provide facilitation services to assist groups to lead and face change so that regional and local communities can choose paths to their futures. 

We are also able to lend our tax-deductible status to community organisations so as to help them undertake their own fundraising activities, as well as hold funds on behalf of community organisations through Donation Accounts.

We work closely with communities so they can better help themselves. We do this by building local capacity in leadership and governance of NFPs, as well as providing support for Community Foundations as they get off the ground and become sustainable.

3. Grantmaking

Providing funding, and occasionally in-kind resources, to help community groups undertake the projects they determine are important to local success. These grants address the four factors in the image on the right that we have identified are key determinants of vibrant and adaptive rural communities. 

We collaborate with other philanthropic organisations, government departments and corporations to fund not-for-profit community organisations across a range of areas including:

  • Aged care
  • Arts, culture and community heritage
  • Education
  • Natural disaster recovery
  • Tourism

... and just about everything else, from community hall repairs to community gardens.

Where we cannot fund a project, either through lack of funds or because it is beyond our scope, we will endeavour to either refer the project to another funder (so we act as a 'clearing house') or to refer the applicant to other sources of funding. Learn about our range of grant programs.

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