Every dollar makes a difference

As the only national organisation offering small, discretionary grants, FRRR plays an important role in making philanthropic money accessible to communities who would otherwise not receive this support.

We do this by facilitating collaboration between donors, leveraging investments and ensuring they reach those who need them most through our grant programs.

We cannot thank you enough that you are able to help us to achieve our goal. The change this will make to our little community of children will be forever lasting, again thank-you.

Gardiner Dairy Foundation Working in Dairy Communities Small Grants Recipient (2014)

How you can help

Demand for our grants is very high and every program we run is significantly over-subscribed: on average we can satisfy only a quarter of the requests we receive, so we are always eager to increase the level of funds available to our grant programs.

Donations therefore are the lifeblood of our organisation and we greatly appreciate contributions to any of our existing grant programs, or towards FRRR generally.

  1. Donate to a particular program, or to our general purpose fund, using your credit card

    • If you have a particular interest in one of our programs you can donate directly to the program of your choice using your credit card, or review where we most need support.
    • Alternatively, you can let FRRR apply the funds where they are most needed by choosing the General Purpose option in the drop-down form.
    • Or you can support a particular project where the community is fundraising through a Current Donation Account.
  2. Donate via EFT or cheque to either our public fund or a particular program

    • Complete this form and either email to us, with details of your EFT, or post it to us with your cheque. You can direct your contribution to either our Public Fund, or a specific program.
  3. Make an in-kind contribution

    • We are increasingly keen to either offset our operational costs, such as IT support or electronic equipment – or the costs of items we regularly fund in communities – such as paint; electrical goods; kitchens; travel expenses etc. If you may be able to help in this regard, we would love to hear from  you.
  4. A tailored grant program

If you have any questions or want to discuss the best way you could help us, call our CEO on (03) 5420 2399 or email us.

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