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Funding Programs

FRRR works by attracting support (cash and in kind) from businesses and other trusts and foundations, private individuals and communities. These donations are then distributed through a number of programs as grants for the benefit of rural and regional Australia.

Communities and projects seeking support send in written applications, when funding rounds are announced. These applications are assessed and presented to the FRRR board for approval, according to available resources. Grants are managed and distributed by the staff team. At the completion of each project, recipients are required to provide a project report.

There are a range of programs on offer under the General Grants category. There are specific education grants under the Education category. There are disaster recovery grant programs under the Natural Disaster Recovery category. There are strategic partnership grants under the Strategic Projects category.

General grants - FRRR has a range of general grants available

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education grants - frrr offers targeted education programs...

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Natural disaster recovery grants

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