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Since our inception in 2000, FRRR has distributed more than $70 million in grants to thousands of community groups across rural, regional and remote Australia. On average, for every dollar we invest, a further $3 are contributed either in cash or in-kind by the local community. For some communities, the leverage is even greater.

This means that together with our fellow donors, at a minimum, we have helped to implement $260 million worth of projects, all of which enhance the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Grant programs that have a national impact

Our investment in rural, regional and remote Australia stretches the length and breadth of the nation.

To see what projects have been undertaken in a particular area, search our Map of Projects. You can enter a postcode or town name and search the project database for more details.

A summary of FRRR's performance in FY15/16.

In 2015/2016, FRRR:

  • Granted $6.4 million to 583 projects, via 27 programs
  • Of these funds, 38% went toward education-focused projects ($2.4 million)
  • Supported 9,097 families with school commencement costs
  • Helped 31 communities to raise $1.5 million via donation accounts

You can help us continue to have an impact by donating to FRRR’s grant programs, or by supporting a particular community project. These grants, while often small in size, are big in impact.

Helping local communities help themselves

We also work closely with a number of Community Foundations and other not-for-profit groups in rural, regional and remote areas to help them improve their communities.

These organisations undertake a wide range of programs and projects, and we support them by sharing best practice, hosting Donation Accounts to facilitate fundraising and for some, support their administration costs.

Some examples of Community Foundations having a significant impact in their local area include:

  • Tomorrow:Today Foundation, Benalla
  • Tumut Community Foundation – using Donation Accounts
Learn more

To learn more about the impact of our investments, we encourage you to read some of the stories about the outcomes of our different grant programs.

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