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The RRR 2014 bushfires program is taking donations

In response to the early 2014 bushfires affecting WA, SA and Victoria, FRRR has established a number of programs you can donate to. Visit the donation page, or contact us.

The RRR 2013 bushfires program still welcomes donations

A RRR Program is taking donations to assist communities recover from the October 2013 bushfires in NSW. To donate to the bushfire RRR program, visit our web page or contact us.

Background to the RRR Program

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Many communities across Australia have suffered various natural disaster events including floods, severe storms, cyclone and bushfire, all of which have resulted in significant damage to property and infrastructure and, in some instances, tragic loss of life.

While immediate assistance is usually quickly provided by a range of government and relief organisations, they often move on to other disasters, as the next event unfolds. However, communities often still have a long way to go on their recovery journey.

In response, FRRR established the Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) Natural Disaster Community Grants Program. The RRR Program is a collaborative, partnership based funding model to support community groups in the medium to long term recovery process. Funds are raised from the time of the event, however not dispersed until 12 months after the event, addressing the medium to long term recovery issues.

The RRR Program objective is to:

“Deliver a collaborative, flexible and responsive grants program to support recovery from disaster, increase the resilience and capacity of community groups; and create new opportunities for partnership, enterprise and leadership in regions across rural and regional Australia”

The RRR program is a flexible funding model designed to tailor a grants program to suit the needs of communities in regions that have been severely impacted by a disaster such as cyclone, major flooding or bushfire. Once a disaster area is announced by a State Government, FRRR will approach any local or state-based organisations that have expressed an interest in the program to discuss the formation of a partnership.

RRR programs can be established several months after a natural disaster has been declared in support of the medium to long term recovery process. Grants will target  projects and activities that offer clear public benefit for communities living in areas severely affected by a Natural Disaster contributing to their development in social and community welfare, economic, environmental, health, education or cultural areas. Read about some of the projects that have been funded through our various Natural Disaster Recovery programs.

Typically, grants of up to $20,000 are available for community recovery projects with a charitable purpose. Applications from locally based not for profit community groups are prioritised. Organisations do not require any specific tax status; however an ABN or Incorporation is preferred. 

The RRR 2011 floods & cyclones program - a summary

The Repair-Restore-Renew (RRR) 2011 program opened in December 2011 and through six grant rounds, it provided support of almost $1.5m to just under 150 community projects in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The program was a successful collaboration between FRRR and thirteen other trusts, foundations and businesses. It is a great example of how much can be achieved by working together. The projects funded in the final grant round will soon be added below, and information about project outcomes will be shared via our newsletter and our website in coming years.