Why partner with FRRR

FRRR is a safe, highly effective and efficient organisation to donate to and partner with.

We believe there are seven key factors that make us a great organisation to partner:

  1. Unique tax status
    • FRRR is an Item 1 DGR entity and specifically listed as a recipient for deductible gifts under section 30-105.
    • This means we can grant to any entity regardless of tax status, so long as the funds are used for a charitable purpose. As a result, we reach groups you may not be able to.
    • A special tax law means FRRR can deliver funds on behalf of private ancillary funds and family trusts to not-for-profit organisations with and without deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, with resultant tax benefits for donors.
  2. Financially stable
    • We maintain a corpus fund which enables us to fund our daily operations and also participate in granting programs, usually on a matched or seed funding basis.
    • Our Financial Reports are audited annually to ensure that the financial records of FRRR adhere to all statutory requirements.
    • All aspects of the financial management of the Foundation are overseen by the Finance and Audit Committee of the Foundation.
  3. Well-governed
    • We are a Company Limited by Guarantee and are overseen by a Board of Directors which includes a number of high-profile members with strong links to rural and regional Australia. We operate under a strong governance framework, with a small but dedicated team.
    • We have been offering small grant programs to rural, regional and remote communities since 2000.
    • We have worked with more than 60 donor partners and the majority of our partners have worked with us on either multiple programs or in multi-year partnerships.
  4. Flexible
    • We can target support in line with your priorities – geographic, demographic or particular area of interest.
    • We have proven experience in working with different types of partners - other philanthropic bodies, government departments and agencies, businesses and invididuals - to structure a program to ensure they achieve their objectives.
  5. Efficient
    • We are proud that for every dollar of funding we receive, 96 cents of every dollar we receive is distributed via grant programs.
    • Our administrative costs are low. However, it does cost money to diligently assess the grant programs, liaise with applicants and follow-up on project outcomes, and to fund our day to day operations. To cover these expenses, we charge a small administration fee.
    • The contribution we request from our donors varies by program, and reflects: the degree of administration and oversight required; the complexity; and the type of issue. It also depends on the donor and the nature of their commitment.
    • At present, for our small grants programs we request up to 10% for administration. In our natural disaster recovery programs we request 5%. In other programs we make no request, such as Back To School and Community Foundation Sustainability Program or the Heywire Youth Innovation Grants.
    • Our administrative processes were rated highly by applicants and stakeholders.
    • Our application, acquittal and reporting processes are also simple, yet effective.
  6. Connected and respected
    • Strong networks give us grass-roots access and knowledge of the needs and challenges across rural, regional and remote Australia.
  7. Tangible outcomes
    • Our partnering approach has a proven high impact, taking philanthropy to regional Australia and making philanthropic money accessible to communities who would otherwise not receive this support.
    • We track and report regularly on the outcomes communities achieve as a result of our funding.

Partnering benefits

In addition to helping you reach groups in need and leverage your investment, as a partner you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Bi-annual reports into the program trends, demands and needs
  • Updates and feedback from recipients on the impact of your donation
  • Insights into what’s working in rural and regional communities, and emerging issues
  • Focus on specific regions for the duration of the agreement or for any of the rounds, as required
  • Acknowledgement as a donor on FRRR’s website, in our Annual Review, in all program communications (including media releases), and in at least one edition of the FRRR monthly eNews, distributed to more than 8,100 people
  • An annual invitation to meet with the Board of FRRR

FRRR is keen to explore other ways in which we can work more closely with our donors, such as:

  • Volunteering opportunities for staff to get involved in the program;
  • Exploring joint media opportunities to profile both your company and FRRR; or
  • Exploring Workplace Giving options

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