Latest Recover & Strengthen stories

Read about some of the innovative ways that communities have used grants delivered via our natural disaster recovery program to help their communities recover, build resilience and strengthen.

This includes projects funded via the Repair-Restore-Renew program; the Skills, Training, Engagement and Practical Support program; and the Grants for Resilience & Wellness program.

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31 May 2017 Happy Valley's tree of life garden

The Happy Valley Hall Committee received $5,940 via the Grants for Resilience and Wellness (GR&W) program funded by VBAF, which they used to construct walking tracks between the plantings, which when viewed from the air, the paths within the garden look like the tree of life.

27 Apr 2017 Words of wisdom on community recovery from a local leader

Ann Bichel is from Forest Hill in southern Queensland. In 2011, this community was hit by floods, resulting from Cyclone Yasi. Ann hit the soggy ground running to get her family home safe again and to help the community to rebuild and support the local needs.With Queensland and NSW towns now in the initial recovery stage following Cyclone Debbie, we asked Ann to share some of her personal learnings on recovering from a natural disaster.

26 Apr 2017 Blackall-Tambo get going online

Through a $7,500 grant from the Tackling Tough Times Together program, thanks to support from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation, local leaders were able to run marketing and digital training workshops. These enabled at least eight small businesses to strengthen their online presence and alleviate the impact of drought and the economic downturn.

5 Apr 2017 Make your post-disaster donation count in the long-run

FRRR's CEO, Natalie Egleton, has urged people making donations to support recovery following Cyclone Debbie and subsequent floods to consider splitting their donations between immediate and longer-term recovery.

4 Apr 2017 Four reasons why collaboration is crucial

FRRR's CEO Natalie Egleton says that following a natural disaster, collaboration is critical. It needs to happen at the community level, and importantly, among all those who seek to support affected communities.

3 Apr 2017 Places available in Mitchell&Murrindindi Shires for a free social enterprise training program

FRRR today invited people in Murrinidindi and Mitchell Shires who have an idea for a social enterprise that will enhance their local community to participate in the free Social Change 101 program, funded by the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund.

31 Mar 2017 ANZ donates to FRRR's Cyclone Debbie recovery fund

FRRR has welcomed ANZ Banking Group's $50,000 contribution to recovery in rural, regional and remote areas impacted by Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent floods.

30 Mar 2017 Resilience in rural Australia is becoming a core competency

FRRR's CEO Natalie Egleton writes that it's timely to reflect on resilience, the challenges for communities and the need to develop a skillset that promotes greater collaboration and capacity building, especially as Queensland looks to its recovery from Cyclone Debbie.

30 Mar 2017 FRRR launches Cyclone Debbie recovery fund

FRRR has established a fund to support the medium to long-term recovery of communities impacted by Cyclone Debbie, and the subsequent flooding.

27 Mar 2017 Drought stricken Qld&NSW communities to benefit from grants to connect and support locals

$250,000 in grants is available to support drought affected communities in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Community groups can apply for up to $15,000 to implement initiatives that support and encourage community connectivity, wellbeing and resilience; build community capacity to cope now and in future droughts; or enhance community infrastructure to support mental health, social and/or emotional wellbeing.

23 Feb 2017 Eight years on, grants still supporting recovery from Black Saturday

Twenty-four community groups impacted by the 2009 Victorian bushfires have received funding to support the community needs that continue to emerge post the devastating disaster, thanks to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund. There 15 GR&W grants, and 9 Community Group Futures grants.

17 Feb 2017 Bushfires... the damage is lasting

Eight years on from the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, and at a time when much of New South Wales is being ravaged by bushfires, CEO Natalie Egleton reflects on the long road to recovery as communities continue to rebuild and adapt. FRRR's Natural Disaster Response Framework supports the medium to long term recovery of rural and regional communities affected by declared natural disasters.Eight years down the track, we continue to work with the communities in Victoria impacted by Black Saturday to build capacity and resilience, and address local issues that have arisen from the disaster.

9 Sep 2016 Through Fire and Flood: Q&A with Natalie Egleton, FRRR CEO

FRRR's work around Australia has earned it plenty of respect, with its presence in - and support for - communities affected by natural disasters well known.The AIGM recently chatted with FRRR CEO Natalie Egleton about disaster recovery grantmaking, helping communities affected by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, and what the organisation has learned through working in communities hit by natural disaster.

7 Sep 2015 Small grants offer big insight: Tackling Tough Times Together in Qld

Journalist Cameron Wilson joined us on a recent trip to visit 12 rural towns across Queensland. His take on what we learnt from the communities we met is featured in the latest Generosity Magazine.The whirlwind five day trip was all about meeting with Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) grant recipients to see first-hand how this program is helping drought-affected communities recover and become more resilient.This article highlights that incredible things are possible when 'the right money is connected with the right people for the right cause.'

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