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The devastating impact of Cyclone Debbie and resultant flooding
  Bowen during Cyclone Debbie.
  Bowen in northern Queensland was one of the towns affected when Cyclone Debbie made landfall. *
  Flooding of Lismore, following Cyclone Debbie.
  The centre of Lismore in northern NSW was inundated with flood waters from ex tropical Cyclone Debbie. #
  Crops demolished by flooding in Terranora in northern NSW.
  Crops and homes in Terranora in northern New South Wales were demolished by flooding. **
* Image source: AAP - Dan Peled
# Image source: Rotorwing Helicopter Services
** Image source: ABC Open - MoSavy

Hundreds of small communities in Queensland and NSW, particularly in rural and regional areas, are still recovering from Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent flooding.

The devastation is widespread and people in those communities need help to repair, restore and renew their communities.

Community organisations will need rebuilding; volunteers will need support and community spirit will need restoring. 

But recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and it will take time for each community to work out what they need most.

That’s why FRRR launched the Cyclone Debbie Recovery Fund. It supports medium to long-term recovery, ensuring support is available long after the focus has moved on to the next natural disaster. To date it has raised more than $250,000 but in our experience, far more will be needed.

We’ll use these funds to offer grants to help these communities get back on their feet. Children’s playgrounds will need to be rebuilt; meeting places, like local halls, will need repairs; outdoor spaces will need rehabilitating; and people will need opportunities to come together and share their stories.

We know this approach works because we have supported communities affected by natural disasters since 2006, assisting recovery from storms, floods and bushfires. Our approach gives local leaders the time they need to understand what’s needed most and ensure the response is appropriate, sustainable and meets the future needs of their community.

More than 90% of donations to FRRR go directly to communities. The balance supports our engagement and follow up with these communities and the assessment of the applications and follow up, ensuring the donations reach those most in need.

As a charity registered with and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), you can give confidently, knowing that we are a trusted and accredited organisation.

To learn more about the kind of impact your donation could make, read about some of the projects funded after Cyclone Yasi.

Click here to donate. All donations to the Cyclone Debbie Recovery Fund over $2 are tax deductible.

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