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REAPing Rewards: Gunawirra - Five Big Ideas

Boggabilla's Five Big Ideas, $8,000
Teaching students at the Boggabilla-Toomelah pre-school, most of whom are Aboriginal, about hygiene, healthcare and nutrition.

Innovation for Community Impact: CALM - Bright Minds Project

Lake Macquarie's Bright Minds Project, $10,000
A program delivered by young people, for young people, to help change the landscape and combat stigma around youth mental health in Lake Macquarie.

CATCH: Narooma School of Arts Hall

Powering a Bright Future in Narooma, $10,000
Offsetting energy costs at Narooma’s key meeting place, the School of Arts Hall, by installing solar panels.

Domino's: Disaster Preparedness in Dungog

Disaster Preparedness in Dungog, $14,200
Helping the Dungog and Stroud communities to be better prepared for natural disasters, by hosting expos and distributing preparedness kits.

Heywire: Boots for Change

Boots for Change, $10,000
Raising the profile of the importance of the family farm in food production, through activities at 160 Farmers' Markets across Australia.

Small Grants for Rural Communities: Wilcannia Community Tourism

Wilcannia Community Tourism, $3,000
A campaign to encourage tourism along the Long Paddock Cobb Highway route, and thereby encourage visitors to Wilcannia.

Tackling Tough Times Together: Channel Country Ladies' Day

Channel Country Ladies' Day, $10,000
An event to bring together isolated women in the Channel Country to build social cohesion, as well as provide access to health services, speakers and arts programs.

Rural communities are known for their resilience and for supporting each other, no matter what mother nature throws at them.

The challenges they face are varied and complex, and while they are unique to each town, there are common themes: health, education, income / employment opportunities, access to services, goods, transport and cultural activities.

Most local leaders know what they need to do to solve these issues but their isolation and small size makes it hard for them to raise the funds they need. They simply have less capacity to raise funds and fewer resources to undertake projects that will benefit them and address the issues they are facing.

But sometimes they need a helping hand

That’s where FRRR comes in. Our special tax status means that we can direct philanthropic funding to organisations that normally aren’t eligible for this kind of support.

FRRR can support any project in rural, regional and remote communities, so long as it is for a charitable purpose and consistent with FRRR’s objectives.

Our reach is national, but targeted

Our goal is for rural, regional and remote Australian communities to be able to support themselves, now and in the long-term. Since 2000, FRRR has distributed more than $66 million in grants to over 8,000 communities and provided substantial capacity building support, with a particular focus on small rural communities of fewer than 10,000 people. Check out this map, which shows the communities we’ve supported.

This is possible because our generous donors share our vision for strong, vibrant rural communities and help provide the backing needed.

Flexible programs and support on offer

We believe that local leaders are best placed to know what will make the biggest difference in their community. That’s why we offer a number of flexible grant programs that target areas including:

  • Education
  • Community infrastructure – such as halls and meeting places
  • Culture, art, tourism and community heritage
  • Mental health
  • Economic development
  • Natural disaster recovery and preparedness

If you also believe in strong and vibrant rural communities, join us in backing rural communities.

More than 90% of donations to FRRR go directly to communities.

Learn more by exploring FRRR’s website to see the impact of our programs. Or donate now using our safe, secure online form. As a charity registered with and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), you can give confidently, knowing that we are a trusted and accredited organisation.

If you’d like to stay informed about what we do and the communities we support, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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