2016 Annual Review - Highlights

Highlights 2015/2016

By the end of June 2016, FRRR and our donor partners had distributed more than $66 million in grants to more than 8,000 organisations. This means that together with our fellow donors, at a minimum, we have helped to implement $260 million worth of projects, all of which enhance the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. The charts below provide a snapshot of our results.

Highlights 2015/16


Grants by State 2015/16

  • Grants ranged from $50 to $175,000 (more than double the value of last year’s largest grant).
  • The average was a little over $8,300, and the median was closer to $5,000.
  • FRRR operates Australia-wide – this year 42% of funds went to Victoria. This reflects the start of the distribution of additional funds committed by Victoria Bushfire Appeal Fund (VBAF).


Funds Distributed

Grants and funds distributed

  • In total 1,450 organisations applied across our 27 programs.
  • Our most in-demand and broadest program is Small Grants for Rural Communities:

- 327 applications received requesting nearly $1,203,835 in funds.
- In FY15/16, we awarded $341,104 across 99 projects.

  • The Back to School program helped 9,097 students who received $50 vouchers via 58 local organisations.
  • Natural disaster recovery continues to be an important area of need:

- more than $3 million requested to support 187 disaster impacted communities.


Funds in / funds out, over the last 5 years are consistent with our program cycles and what we would expect.


Grants by Impact Area
Funds in/out over the last 5 years



Donation Accounts are on the rise
Donation Accounts are on the rise


  • 31 active accounts raised
  • over $1.5 million through
  • more than 520 donations for their projects.


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