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All FRRR grant programs have set opening and closing dates and each grant program has its own specific criteria, guidelines and application form.

There is a formal application process and ALL applicants MUST complete the respective application form, as well as provide copies of any additional information requested in the relevant program guidelines.

Note also that there are specific guidelines and requirements about who has to sign and submit the application form, so please read those documents carefully.

Please consult the individual grant pages for specific information and supporting documents.

Area Topics covered

Application process

  • Documents to include in your application
  • Application checklist
Eligibility criteria
  • Organisational eligibility
  • Project eligibility
Tips for great applications
  • Three step planning process
  • Project planning tool
Frequently asked questions
  • Find answers to tricky questions



Successful applicants will be required to provide FRRR with a written report and financial acquittal of the grant.

Final reports must include tax invoices to account for grant expenditure and we encourage you to send us photographs, videos and media clippings about your project. 

For more information, visit our Reporting page.

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