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Education is a fundamental right and a quality education should be accessible, irrespective of your personal circumstances, or where you live. But for families struggling across rural, regional or remote Australia, that’s often not the case.

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Since 2005, FRRR’s Back to School program has helped 141,000 students in need in rural, regional and remote Australia, distributing over $7 million in support. We’ve done this by giving these students a $50 gift voucher which can be redeemed for school necessities, such as uniforms, shoes, school bags and stationery.

To continue to support the thousands of children in need, we urgently need help. Please consider making a contribution – even $50 means one more child can benefit. FRRR waives all administration fees for this program, therefore 100% of donations go to BTS vouchers.

Can $50 really make a difference?

It is hard to believe but $50 really does make a difference, however, it can provide a uniform that fits, shoes without holes or new stationery.

As one Principal said, “At the end of the day, all students come to school to learn. The vouchers ensure that the kids can dress the same as their peers, have dry feet over winter and the basic tools to complete class activities. The difference it makes for a few benefits all.”

Another said, "We continue to welcome many low socio-economic families to our school and these vouchers are an excellent way to assist their many needs. The vouchers are a simple way to assist families without the need to issue cheques from school and are less intrusive into their financial affairs. They certainly assist with the purchase of uniforms and other needed items for school and at times to help a homeless students setup a home, flat or caravan."

Why support this unique program?

  • 100% of the donations made directly to FRRR for the Back to School program are passed on via the vouchers.
  • FRRR works through local community service providers to deliver the program. This ensures that support reaches those students most in need, with minimal bureaucracy and in a way that preserves their dignity.
  • The impact from the vouchers is far more than just monetary - feedback tells us that this helping hand can significantly improve the confidence, self-esteem and educational engagement of the students.

Please lend your support and donate today.

Gift a smile and a better education to a country student.



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