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For any business – large or small – demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or simply ‘being a good corporate citizen’, is a challenge. There are many stakeholders and many different groups that want to see that you care about their interests.

For those organisations with any involvement in rural, regional or remote Australia, FRRR can be a valuable conduit into rural and regional communities. A partnership with FRRR is an effective way to ensure that your investment is well-targeted to issues that are of importance to rural, regional and remote Australians.

FRRR works hard to create long-term, philanthropic partnerships with businesses. By taking a philanthropic approach, you are contributing to building capacity – giving communities a ‘hand-up’, not a ‘hand-out’.

Types of corporate partnerships

We work with corporate partners in a number of ways:

  • They contribute to a program we already operate (e.g. CARA, Small Grants etc)
  • We create a bespoke program aligned with a particular area of interest or geography
  • We administer a program they may already have, such as a staff charity
  • Their staff participate in a staff giving program
  • We provide consultant services to the company, helping them set up their CSR program.

We also have the ability to develop a number of projects or initiatives that are tailored to the company’s particular core values or marketing strategies. Collaborating partners are given as much or as little recognition as they choose.

Benefits of corporate partnerships with FRRR

Aside from helping in the economic, social and cultural development of rural and regional Australia, a corporate partnership with FRRR provides a wide range of benefits for participating organisations, including:

  • Building a strong corporate image associated with funding innovative, accountable projects
  • Demonstrating to shareholders and consumers that the company cares about rural Australia
  • Increasing awareness of your contribution across a wide and varied target audience
  • Encouraging healthy economic activity, as local investments are leveraged by your investment
  • A demonstrable return on your investment, through regular reports on the impact of your donation.

We administer several established grant programs and a number of specifically tailored programs for corporate partners. That tailoring may include by region, by cause or issue, or by kind of grant (eg challenge, perpetual, matched, short-term or multi-year).

Some examples of corporate partnerships include:

ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program

The ANZ Seeds of Renewal partnership with ANZ has been running for more than 10 years.

Each year, the program receives a high number of applications which illustrates the level of community awareness of the program and ANZ’s involvement in rural and regional Australia.

Since the inception of the ANZ Seeds of Renewal program, FRRR and ANZ have worked in partnership to annually review and tailor the program and ensure the delivery continues to meet ANZ’s strategic priorities and is aligned to the bank’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) program.

ANZ is actively involved during the ANZ Seeds of Renewal assessment and selection process, and the regional banking staff deliver the successful grant letters and cheques which creates a strong sense of ownership for the program.

Community giving is a powerful staff engagement driver and this program has created a real sense of pride for ANZ’s rural and regional team members.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to explore how we may be able to work with your organisation please contact our CEO to discuss the wide range of opportunities available.

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