Renewing rural Australia post COVID-19

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While COVID-19 has affected everyone in Australia, the impacts are being felt particularly intensely in rural areas, especially coming as it has on top of widespread bushfires and ongoing drought. And, just like those events, COVID-19, will have long-lasting impacts.

That's why FRRR is seeking to raise $200,000 through our end of financial year appeal.

In these challenging times - more than ever before - FRRR believes that solutions lie within communities, with local leaders who know the issues and challenges, and what is needed to make their communities vibrant, sustainable and adaptive.

We need your support now to ensure they can access the funds for community-identified and community-led projects to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 in the medium to long-term.

"We just need someone to trust and believe in us."

Why rural communities need your support

Rural, regional and remote communities typically demonstrate immense resilience in the face of adversity. But their backs are against the wall. FRRR has continued to make grants during these unprecedented times, to keep money flowing into these communities, including to support bushfire recovery.

For most, their immediate concerns are around how to continue to deliver the services that they provide, in this 'new normal'. Your support will allow them to renew their communities, so they are vibrant, sustainable places to live and work. In particular, it will help them to:

  • continue to deliver the services that they provide, by rethinking how they operate
  • upgrade IT infrastructure or implement technology to allow remote delivery of their services
  • respond to increased needs by growing their resources
  • ensure the health of their volunteers, staff and stakeholders
  • offer mental health support to help young people cope with the trauma of the drought, bushfires, and now corona virus
  • support young Australians, who are experiencing heightened anxiety, dislocation and financial insecurity
  • support volunteers, who are fatigued from dealing with drought, fires and now COVID-19.

Make a tangible difference

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Your contribution towards our renewal goal of $200,000 will help FRRR provide at least 15 grants to support:

  • communities renewing their services in the face of COVID-19;
  • projects renewing and supporting the wellbeing of young people;
  • initiatives renewing the economic prospects of their community.

For more information, contact us on 03 5420 2399 or email

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