Supporting drought-affected communities

When farmers are doing it tough, the whole community does it tough. The local school, the pub, the vet, the newsagent, the supermarket and the sports clubs. Money dries up for the things that keep community members connected and supported – just when they need it most.

The challenges are varied and complex, and while they are unique to each town, there are common themes: health, education, income and employment opportunities, access to services, goods, transport and cultural activities.

So when the whole community is struggling, the challenges of fundraising are amplified, and they need to look beyond their backyard.

Drought-affected communities need your help now

Local leaders know what will make the biggest difference at times like these. But their isolation and small size make it hard for communities to raise the funds they need at the best of times; in the worst of times, like now, they can't undertake projects that will benefit them and address the challenges they are facing.

That’s where FRRR comes in. FRRR makes grants to local not-for-profit groups for activities and services that address the most pressing needs. Most of these flow through our Tackling Tough Times Together program.

Our special tax status means that we can direct philanthropic funding to organisations that normally aren’t eligible for this kind of support. Since 2000, FRRR has distributed more than $80 million in grants to over 8,500 communities and provided substantial capacity building support, with a particular focus on small rural communities of fewer than 10,000 people. Check out this map to see the communities we’ve supported.

This is possible because our generous donors share our vision for strong, vibrant rural communities and help provide the backing needed.

Support projects communities prioritise

Donations to FRRR will go directly to drought-impacted communities for initiatives that are locally led and tailored to the community’s needs. Projects might include:

  • repairing local meeting places;
  • hosting events so they can forget about the drought for a while;
  • skill development sessions to generate alternative income;
  • funding excursions or new books, so school kids don’t miss out; or
  • bringing in mental health support workers.

Whatever the community needs.

With your support, they can continue to build strong communities, support each other through these tough times, and ensure that children don't miss out.

90% of donations to FRRR will go to these drought-affected communities and the balance supports grant administration, including support to applicants.

Donate Now National Drought Map Rainfall Deficiency Map
1 April 2018 to 31 Oct 2019:
Pink = Serious Deficiency
Red = Lowest on Record

Read about some
projects we've supported

Tackling Tough Times Together: South Narrabeen SLSC

Glenrac Inc, $9,826
Glenrac supported a group of farmers from the farming community of Deepwater to participate in a program that aims to improve their physical and mental health.

Small Grants for Rural Communities: Wilcannia Community Tourism

Wilcannia Community Tourism, $3,000
A campaign to encourage tourism along the Long Paddock Cobb Highway route, and thereby encourage visitors to Wilcannia.

Tackling Tough Times Together: Channel Country Ladies' Day

Channel Country Ladies' Day, $10,000
An event to bring together isolated women in the Channel Country to build social cohesion, as well as provide access to health services, speakers and arts programs.

Tackling Tough Times Together: Tenterfield Lions Club

Tenterfield Lions Club, $9,000
A custom made catering trailer to enable fundraising at local community events, and for community use in cases of emergency.

Tackling Tough Times Together: South Narrabeen SLSC

South Narrabeen SLSC, $8,000
The ‘Bush to Beach’ program brings Indigenous children from remote communities in north western New South Wales to Sydney’s northern beaches.

Gardiner: South West Healthcare

South West Healthcare, $3,635
South West Healthcare received a grant of $3,635 to support the local dairy farming community by offering Mental Health First Aid training and accreditation.

If you believe in strong and vibrant rural communities, please show your support.

ACNC LogoAs a charity registered with and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), you can give confidently, knowing that we are a trusted and accredited organisation.

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“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that my daughter was chosen for this "Bush to Beach" program. She learnt so much, as she was new to the ocean, and was lucky to make lots of new friends. We live 60km from the nearest town on a horrible gravel road and I have had to resort to home schooling. We live on a property which consists of 24,000 acres of cotton and grazing farming. At the moment it is dry so we have no water to grow cotton.”Parent, Brewarrina, NSW

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