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Approximately 6.6 million people live in rural, regional and remote Australia – almost one third of Australia’s population, spread across 84.2 per cent of Australia’s land mass. (Regional Australia Institute, 2015). The large distances between our communities can bring about challenges not experienced in metropolitan areas.

FRRR’s founders believed that philanthropy could help respond to concerns about economic and social decline in many rural, regional and remote areas. 

From Armidale and Bymount, to Pinnaroo and Kununurra – across all States and corners of our expansive country – FRRR develops deep relationships and works with communities to create impact. We are guided by a belief that initiatives led by local communities are most effective in addressing the issues that affect them.

The communities FRRR impacts through our grant programs and other fundraising support services are integral to the Australian culture and economy, and yet the gaps between small rural, regional and remote communities and the rest of Australia are growing. Small and distant towns have unique needs that differ from place to place, which we have special insight into through our on the ground consultations with communities and close supportive relationships with grant seekers and local change-makers. Some areas are consistent in their need for support, such as education and health, but priority funding needs can be quite different year to year, especially regarding extreme weather events.

Donors come in all shapes and sizes, and each donor has different preferences. That’s why we have developed a number of different ways to partner. FRRR was established to harness the collective resources of philanthropy, government, business and individuals to support rural, regional and remote communities, and it’s only together with the generous support of our many donors that we can achieve what we do.

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"FRRR’s understanding of community development, and of issues facing agriculture generally, has substantially contributed to our strategic and operational effectiveness. It has informed our place-based community approach to philanthropy. Their networks have also been invaluable in turning ideas to reality. They are a highly valued long-term partner."

Jenny Wheatley, CEO, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Ways to Partner

Partnering with FRRR is an effective way to ensure that your gift is well-targeted to issues that are of importance to rural, regional and remote Australians. Our philanthropic services for donors enable you to give how and where you want.

Our service offering for donors includes:

"For someone who has a connection to rural and regional Australia, but might now reside in one of the cities, FRRR has a great service for philanthropists and can match and connect funders with programs and assist them in achieving the level of involvement they desire."

Geraldine Roche, Founder, Sally Foundation

“Granting through FRRR provides the John T Reid Charitable Trusts with the opportunity to fund groups who would not be eligible to apply directly to the Trusts. It is really pleasing to read the reports from FRRR about the efforts made by local communities and outside volunteers.”

Jane Reid, Trustee, John T Reid Charitable Trusts

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