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Working with donors to create impact through grant programs

FRRR’s small team manages the administration of all our grant programs. Some are collaboratively funded, others are named programs, which we administer on behalf of a specific donor partner, while others are strategic partnerships, designed to pilot a new approach. In addition, FRRR can support donors to make one-off (or recurring) tailored grants that align with their giving preferences.

In providing any of these grant administration services, it is important to note that FRRR is not a donor advised foundation and as such, donors can state their preferences, but can’t make recommendations to FRRR’s committee or Board.

"FRRR has a unique ability to enable our clients to support small, grassroots organisations working to improve resilience in their communities, where they may otherwise struggle."

Peter Winneke - Former Head of Philanthropic Services, The Myer Family Company

FRRR Programs:

Collaboratively-funded Programs

FRRR has a strong understanding of the evolving issues and challenges facing rural and regional communities, and we run a number of collaboratively-funded programs that address issues ranging from education to the environment, arts to ageing, and economic empowerment. Many donors have common areas of interest in the issues and communities they wish to support and can see the value in pooling their resources to fund grant programs, thereby reaching more groups than they could alone.

FRRR designs and manages the collaboratively-funded programs, but donors co-fund the program. Ten
per cent of funds are utilised by FRRR to support the following:

  • Grant administration, including communications, fielding enquiries, assessment and database management;
  • Donor engagement, reporting and communicating project updates;
  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Community engagement; and
  • Community capacity building support – conversations and tools.

If a higher level of engagement is required, or a more tailored approach such as developing and managing a named program, a scope of work at an hourly rate will be agreed with the donor.

Strategic Partnerships

Another way FRRR can work with a donor is in a strategic partnership. These partnerships involve a joint effort to respond to a key issue or challenge that calls for a step-change solution around a common area of interest. FRRR and the donor will design and often pilot a solution to help communities address a particular challenge.

For example, in 2013 FRRR worked closely with the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation to determine the best way to support communities affected by the ongoing drought in Queensland and northern New South Wales. This resulted in the Tackling Tough Times Together program. Similarly, we have worked with Prince's Charities Australia to develop the Disaster Resilient: Future Ready program, which will research and pilot ways for community groups to ensure they are prepared to respond in the event of a natural disaster. The cost and funding base for this program depends on the nature of the program, and if you are interested in working in partnership with FRRR to address an issue, we encourage you to contact FRRR's CEO.

Granting Services:

Donor-named Programs

For donors that want to establish a named grant program, FRRR can support you in a number of ways. Below we outline three different models for how we can work with our donor partners, providing varying levels of engagement to support you with your grants program. Fees are based upon the scope of work involved in the program and charged at a modest hourly rate.

1. Full Service

In Full Service Management, FRRR manages all aspects of the grant program for you – from working with you to design the program to achieve the impacts you are seeking, developing application material to support this impact, and establishing the infrastructure to support the grants programs (such as the guidelines, assessment criteria and establishing the assessment committee) - through to administering the grant program (assessing the grants, database management, notifying applicants of outcomes, and disseminating grantee funds) on your behalf. FRRR undertakes in-depth assessments of all applications and manages all interactions with applicants and grantees.

FRRR manages all promotion of the program, as well as grant-seeker enquiries, ongoing communications and reporting. We appoint a dedicated program manager and operate the program alongside our other programs. A key component included in this model is the development and roll out of a communications plan, before, during and after the grant round.

2. Grants Administration

This model involves the donor leading the design of the program with FRRR's support, and FRRR helping with the administration of the grant program.

Promotion of the program rests with the donor, although FRRR assigns a Program Manager and manages applications alongside our other programs. FRRR provides support for local grant-seekers via email and phone, accepts applications and provides high level assessments and due diligence on behalf of the donor.

FRRR convenes meetings and provides a representative to attend annual or bi-annual assessment meetings, most likely via phone. With the Grants Administration model, FRRR manages program finances, grant dispersal with grant packs, grantee final reports and evaluation.

3. Grants Advisory

Under this model, FRRR plays more of an advisory role, often when an organisation has established a Giving Sub-Fund Account to structure its own grants in partnership with FRRR so that it can grant out to small or grassroots organisations that may not have DGR1 status, or so that the donated funds can be leveraged with additional funds.

The Grants Advisory service includes an allocation of time for FRRR staff to review and provide input into program design and development, but involves limited administrative operation of the program.

FRRR does not manage applications or provide support to grant-seekers, nor is involved in due diligence on applications or preparing information for the assessment meetings. The donor convenes meetings, and FRRR participates, providing input into eligibility pursuant to FRRR's charitable purposes and preference for projects based on our expertise and experience. 

Once suitable projects are determined, FRRR manages grants through our database, including the dispersal of grant funds and grant packs, as well as managing receipt of grantee final reports and evaluation. 

Tailored Grants

Tailored Grants are one-off grants made in partnership with donors, targeted to specific activities, causes or locations and occur outside FRRR’s regular programs or grant rounds.

In these situations, FRRR can act as a connector between rural community projects and donors, managing a grant in partnership with a donor for a specific purpose. Review the Tailored Grants page for more detail about how these operate.

If you have any questions about how FRRR can support you and your granting activities, please contact FRRR's CEO.

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