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Since 2012, the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF) has provided funding to run the Lachlan Region Community grants program. This year, they have committed $50,000 plus up to another $50,000 to match local community fundraising.

In August 2013, fifty representatives from the Lachlan community came together at the Condo Café – a two-hour facilitated conversation about the big issues facing the Lachlan Region.

From that meeting, around 30 BIG issues were identified, together with a number of solutions, which were refined to form the guidelines for the final year of the program, focusing on four key issues:

  • Education and Young People
  • Employment and Industry
  • Community Spirit and Stability
  • Services and Infrastructure

Five projects were awarded a cash grant, together with mentoring and practical support and guidance to build capacity – both financial and skills-based – to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

The program was administered by Western Plains Regional Development and supported by the VFFF and FRRR.

In the final year of the Lachlan Region Community Grants Program, which was funded by Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, and supported by FRRR, five community projects received funding. All of the grants contributed to community renewal, and or rebuilding, in the areas of social and community well being, economic, environmental, health, educational and cultural areas.

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