Natural Disaster Response Framework

It's all about collaboration

FRRR works in collaboration with other Foundations, Trusts, Private and Public Ancillary Funds, corporations and individuals, as well as Government agencies to support communities affected by natural disasters. Working under a single philanthropic banner helps avoid duplication of effort and resources.

Once a disaster area is announced by a State Government, FRRR will approach any local or state-based organisations that have expressed an interest in the program to discuss the formation of a partnership.

FRRR’s Disaster Recovery Grants program can take you or your company, Fund, Foundation, Trust or organisation right to the heart of recovery, linking you with areas that are disaster declared that you would like to support.  To learn more, contact our CEO.

A structured approach

Our framework is a multi-level collaborative philanthropic response that supports the medium to long term recovery of rural and regional communities affected by declared natural disasters.

FRRR Natural Disaster Response Framework

FRRR has adopted a four-pronged approach to recovery from each disaster:

  1. Grants
    • Initially to repair, renew, restore
    • Over time to build capacity and build resilience
  2. Clearing house
    • Grant referrals to other relevant funding bodies
  3. Leverage
    • Bringing together separate groups to fund community needs
  4. Fundraising accounts
    • Helping local communities fundraise for themselves

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