2011 RRR Program - Funded Projects Round 3

Funded Projects Round 3 of the 2011 RRR Program:

Upgrading the Benjeroop Public Hall Kitchen. The Benjeroop Community suffered significant flooding in January 2011. The flood waters remained across the district for over four months. The community of Benjeroop pulled together and literally saved their hall from significant damage. The hall is the only community building at Benjeroop. The hall committee hold a range of social events that are well attended by families across the district. The hall has undergone considerable repairs since the floods; funding will support the hall committee to upgrade and extend the kitchen which was built in 1959.  The upgrade will include new benches, cupboards, an oven and electrical work. Benjeroop Public Hall VIC - $20,000

Singing to help share the experience. Several events that have been held to date have focussed on the men in the community. Women and elderly residents have expressed their interest in coming together to sing and support each other in a therapeutic setting. This funding will support a six week program of therapeutic singing sessions for women and elderly residents of the area. Boort District Health VIC - $3,000.

Safer Access for Emergency Services. The Carisbrook Fire Brigade stores emergency equipment including their quick fill trailer in a shed to the side of the main building. During wet weather and recent flooding the brigade has had difficulty accessing the equipment in the side shed due to the unsealed driveway becoming  wet and muddy. The Brigade requested funding to concrete the driveway. Once the drive way is sealed the Brigade’s response to emergencies within the community will be quicker, especially during wet weather events. Carisbrook Fire Brigade VIC - $5,000

Rebuilding the Kids Playground at Charlton Community Precinct. The playground at Charlton Park was damaged beyond repair in the January 2011 major floods. The equipment was destroyed and the fencing is no longer secure as it cannot be locked. The playground is a vital asset to the park precinct which is home to club rooms which are a multi-use community facility, a football ground, netball courts and a hockey field. Charlton Park Committee of Management VIC - $18,000

Creating a clean place for the Senior Citizen’s. The Charlton Senior Citizen’s Club provides an important service to the community, particularly older residents who were adversely affected by the flooding in 2011. The clubrooms were extensively damaged during the January 2011 flood. Buloke Shire Council has undertaken extensive works to restore the building and amenities for community use; however the funding available did not stretch to cover the cost of replacing damaged furniture and fittings. These funds will assist the Senior Citizens Group replace chairs and tables that were damaged during the floods. Charlton Information Resource Centre & Learning Environment Inc. VIC - $5,256

Relocating to avoid future flood impacts. The Creswick Garden Club used a shed located at the local Council yards until the area was flooded in 2011. Due to the damage caused by the floods, the Council found it necessary to restructure and rebuild the yards taking in the area where the shed stood. The shed is used to store props for flower shows and trestle tables that are accessed by the Creswick community for a range of events and activities. The group received funding to relocate their shed to a new site behind the Creswick Men’s Friendship Shed at Park Lake Botanical Reserve.  Creswick Garden Club Inc. $2,500

Creating a hub at the Community Railway Workshop. The Creswick Railway Workshops Association manages and improves the historic railway precinct at Creswick. The railway is becoming a hub of the community as space for community activities is very limited in Creswick. The association received funding to install a kitchen including cupboards, stainless steel bench-tops and splashback, upright stove, upright gas cooker, canopy range-hood, hot water service, vinyl flooring, a natural gas Rinnai Heater and a dishwasher at the Railways precinct. The kitchen will be assembled and installed by volunteers.  The Association hope to offer the kitchen to all community groups in the area for events, fundraising activities and cooking classes. Creswick Railway Workshops Association Inc. $20,000

‘Stepping Out’. Initially after the floods, the Kerang and District Community Centre was heavily involved in assessing individual’s situations and providing emergency relief funds, referrals and assistance through the provision of federal emergency relief funding. The centre also assisted elderly and disabled community members who were unable to stay at the emergency relief centre to find and pay for accommodation. Currently the community centre is contributing to the social and emotional recovery of the community through facilitating a range of programs and activities. These funds will upgrade the flooring surface of premises. Kerang and District Community Centre Inc. VIC - $18,947

Everyone needs a Port-A-Loo. The Lions Club of East Loddon received funding to replace their existing port-a-loo with a more modern, double port-a-loo. Many of the community facilities in the East Loddon area do not have working toilets. Access to a portable toilet increases the ability of the East Loddon community to hold events and activities. In addition, the Lions Club provided the port-a-loo to families during the rebuilding of the area after the floods and will continue to offer this service in the event of future disasters. Lion’s Club of East Loddon VIC - $4,195

Enabling access for everyone. The Noradjuha Memorial Hall was significantly damaged in the 2011 Floods. The Noradjuha Memorial Hall is the only community gathering place in the region as neighbouring communities such as Nurrabiel, Toolondo and Clear Lake no longer have community halls. The hall committee were fortunate to receive a DSE Flood Recovery grant to restore the hall; however the funding available did not stretch to cover the cost of concrete for an external pathway to the toilet block or the purchase and installation of a hot water service. These funds will allow the hall committee to complete the project and give the community access to a functional facility for community activities. Noradjuha Memorial Hall VIC - $2,300

‘Plant Out 2012’. Plant Outs are a great way of revegetating the landscape, contributing towards biodiversity, habitat and shelter for livestock. Plant Outs assist to foster and develop local communities.  In addition, community groups can fund raise through the provision of catering, and locals have the opportunity to participate and socialise. Plant outs take place on local farming properties which were affected by floods that hit the region during January 2011 and again in December 2012. This funding will assist the purchase of tree planting equipment and fund transportation to help school groups and flood affected communities to be involved in tree planting. Project Platypus VIC - $3,892

Restoring the Cemetery Grounds. The Quambatook cemetery was under water during the 2011 floods. The floods caused considerable damage to the cemetery; grass, shrubs and trees have not recovered since the event and top soil was washed away. Instant turf that had been recently laid at the lawn cemetery was also washed away. The Cemetery trust received funding to replace the instant turf that was washed away and install a watering system to ensure that the turf will be watered appropriately. The watering system will also cut down the number of hours volunteers spend watering the cemetery lawns. Quambatook Cemetery Trust VIC - $11,000

Encouraging communication. The community of Quambatook was heavily impacted by the 2011 floods. The Golf Club is well-used by the community for a range of functions. The town hall is not adequate for most community functions so the Golf Club have made their rooms open for the community. The club house is the only venue in Quambatook that has heating and cooling and a modern and functional kitchen. Funds will enhance facilities at the community meeting place through the purchase of outdoor chairs and tables. Quambatook Golf Club VIC - $2,000

Restore and improve our history.  The community of Quambatook were actively fundraising to improve the local historical society before the flooding disaster of 2011. Recovery from the floods reduced the fundraising capacity of the community and put the project on hold indefinitely. In addition, a small shed at the centre was lifted from its foundations during the floods and is in need of replacement. Funding provided to the group will support the purchase and erection of a storage shed, relocation of the historic Quambatook jail to the Historical Centre site and purchase of an outdoor setting, computer and printer for the Historical Centre. Quambatook Historical Centre Inc. VIC - $7,927

Equipment for Burdekin Men’s Shed. The Burdekin Men’s Shed Association Inc. received funding to set up a workshop consisting of basic wood and metal working tools and equipment. The Men’s shed offers support to local men who are recovering from the 2011 disaster event. The new equipment will assist members of the shed to safely carry out their own personal projects and projects that benefit the wider Burdekin community. Burdekin Men’s Shed Association Inc. QLD - $19,919

Rebuilding Communities Together. Funding will support the expansion of a community garden scheme in the Inland Burnett Region of Queensland. Community gardens provide a social and therapeutic activity that may assist in the recovery of individuals and communities. The project will involve the development and establishment of seven new gardens in rural communities and offer working bees and training workshops to existing gardens in the area. Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO) QLD - $20,000

Training for healing. Funding will support local artists in Grantham, Forest Hill and Laidley to gain skills in developing, managing and implementing art and cultural programs within communities that have been affected by disaster. Ten local artists will attend the training. Four will then be chosen to use their new skills to assist their communities to develop and implement collaborative art projects. Contact Inc. QLD - $15,000

Supporting Theatre Performance Training for students. Providing performing arts activities to strengthen community capacity and positive responses to post disaster recovery was identified as a primary need of the Innisfail community. Funding will support The Friends of the Con Inc. to install CCTV equipment at the Community Theatre. This equipment will be used primarily to film and record student performance enabling teachers and students to review their performances during rehearsals thus allowing them to perfect their skills. The equipment will benefit various community groups that perform at the theatre. Friends of the Con Inc. QLD - $9,699

Girringun Resilience Project. Funding will support the production of an exhibition of photos and stories that reflect the thoughts of Elders from nine traditional owner groups and their relationship to land, culture and community building. The exhibition will recognise indigenous communities knowledge regarding disaster recovery and build on relationships made with the wider community during recovery of the area. The exhibition will be displayed at the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation Ranger Conference, a facilitated day of community engagement and reconciliation activities. Girringun Aboriginal Corporation QLD - $15,700

Spring Festival – Outback Events. The Spring Festival at Laidley will celebrate its 50th year in 2012. The community are struggling to raise funds for the event due to the impact of rebuilding and recovery after the floods. The festival is regional event that facilitates social connectedness. Funding will support venue hire, a bush band for entertainment, a Bush Poet workshop, catering and promotion of the event. Laidley Shire Community Care Association Inc. QLD - $7,840

Shared Multipurpose Outdoor Area. The Maranoa Kindergarten received funding to transform an area of the kindergarten grounds that is not vulnerable to flooding. The multipurpose outdoor area will include vegetable gardens, sensory gardens, an outdoor music area and hands-on activities. The aim of the new area is to stimulate children’s engagement with and understanding of sustainable living concepts relating to recycling, reusing resources and collection of rainwater. The project will support local families by giving their children a positive start to their education. The reduced fundraising capacity of the area limits the ability of volunteers to raise the funds needed to upgrade and improve facilities at the kindergarten. Maranoa Kindergarten QLD - $20,000

Mission Beach Film Festival. The Mission Beach film festival first held in 2009 and again in 2010. The festival was deemed a success as visitors to the event tripled in 2010. The Mission Beach community were unable to hold the festival in 2011 due to the devastation the area suffered from the cyclone and flooding disasters. Funding will support the Mission Beach community to relaunch the festival on the weekend of 14-15 September 2012. Activities at the event will include screening of major feature films with side events including documentaries, short films, short film competition, return of the popular stills photography exhibition and competition and finally short film making demonstrations. The funding provided will support venue hire, film fees and production costs. Mission Beach Film Festival QLD - $20,000.

Upgrade of Mount Whitestone Mower to maintain community environment. Flooding in the Lockyer Valley region has increased the work of volunteers who maintain the grounds of the local school. The increased use of the schools mower and other equipment has resulted in breakdowns and subsequent repairs. The expense of these repairs was causing financial stress to the school P&C and the mower downtime causes safety concerns due to the long grass. Volunteers have been using their own mowers to ensure the safety of the children in the ‘eating areas’. The school grounds are used by the wider community for a number of activities ranging from social cricket games, fundraising events, vintage car club rallies and fire brigade training. Funding will support the purchase of a reliable mower. Mt Whitestone State School P&C Association QLD - $4,900

Rotary Cassowary Coast Skills Day Out. Cassowary Coast Skills Day Out started in 2009 as ‘Skilling Tully’ and focussed on the Tully region.  The aim of the event is to create awareness of trades, traineeships and employment opportunities operating in the Cassowary Coast. In 2010 the event was expanded to include the entire Cassowary Coast region. Owing to Cyclone Yasi the event was not held in 2011. The Rotary Club of Tully requested funding to hold the event again in 2012. The Skills Day Out is held in the Stanley Mackay Pavilion in the Tully Showgrounds and hosts approximately 50 exhibitors. Over 500 school students, community groups, individuals and visitors are expected to attend.  Rotary Club of Tully Inc. QLD - $5,000

‘Let’s bring our community back together’. Equestrian activities are a key focus for western Queensland communities. Assisting upgrade facilities that will support greater community use and interaction will contribute to the strengthening of community connectedness and enhance resilience. This project directly supports the purchase and installation of a hot water system and rainwater tank in order to deliver the wider community benefit of functional community venues and opportunities to participate in socially inclusive activities. St George Polocrosse Club QLD - of $11,288.63


Sand and Soft-fall for Safe Children. The playground area at Corinella Public School was considered unsafe after the floods washed away the soft-fall from the area. The small school employs one teacher and has 10 students enrolled.  Due to the low population of the area and economic disadvantage that has resulted from the flooding event, the school struggled to fundraise to repair their facilities. Funding will support the purchase of soft-fall for the playground areas and sand for the sand pit. Corinella Public School NSW - $1,844

Building a sustainable community events program. The Urunga Reserve Community Stage is a focal point of the community. The stage is used by a range of community groups including the public school, SES, Surf Club and the Chamber of Commerce. Each time the stage is used for significant events organisers have had to raise the cost of hiring and installing sound wings for the stage. Funding will support the purchase tailor-made sound wings which are easily erected. Urunga – Mylestrom Chamber of Commerce NSW - $4,800

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