2011 RRR Program - Funded Projects Round 4

Funded Projects Round 4 of the 2011 RRR Program:

Community Hall Generator. Funds will enable the purchase of a generator for the community hall that will provide emergency power for the locals during times of power failure particularly when a natural disaster strikes. During disasters the hall is used as a base for relief accommodation, providing meals to the community and coordination of emergency services. East Palmerston & Neranda Progress Association, QLD - $19,900

Shade for kids at the Forrest Beach Progress Park. Funds will enable the purchase and erection of two shade structures over the Forrest Beach Progress Park playground. Cyclone Yasi devastated the established mature tress which had provided shade and shelter for the playground for many years. Forrest Beach Progress Association Inc. QLD - $17,858

Upgrading the hall interior. Funds will support the painting of the Green Pastures church hall, the primary meeting place for the small community of less than 500 people. The hall was used during the 2011 floods as an evacuation centre. The walls are in disrepair and there is little community capacity to fund painting costs. The hall hosts a monthly dinner dance, regular community meetings, birthday parties, weekly Indoor Bowls and the Neighbourhood Watch meetings. Green Pastures Lockrose Lutheran Church, QLD - $5,940

Engaging people through the Hinchinbrook community garden. Funds will enable the purchase of materials such as a table, chairs, shade structure, compost bins, potting benches, pots, and seedling trays to create a propagation and a relaxation area in the community garden. Currently three organisations use the garden and there are many keen gardeners. Gardening provides a sense of achievement; for disaster effected and fatigued people this is invaluable. Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre Inc. QLD - $7,130

Creating a new home for Ingham Disability Services. Ingham Disability Services recently obtained a 20 year lease over the Guide Hall land and building. The building damaged during Cyclone Yasi requires repair before the organisation can move in. Once repaired and renovated the building will provide facilities for people with disabilities to develop their skills for independent living. Ingham Disability Services Inc. QLD - $20,000

Enhancing a meeting place. The Gemfields hall has recently undergone extensive renovations and upgrade but work remains to be completed. The hall is used as a social meeting place for the local veterans and seniors. A range of adult education programs are also offered at the hall including how to use the Internet, emailing tips, and digital photography. RSL Gemfields Branch Inc. QLD - $12,670

Positive education at Tully High School. Two devastating cyclones have hit the Tully area since 2006 and the impact on the community has been severe. Cases of depression and anxiety are increasing particularly amongst the youth. Teachers and students will be trained in the science of positive psychology to increase resiliency, wellbeing and optimism. The whole school is committed to this program and has already invested significantly in the project. Tully High School, QLD - $20,000

A face-lift for Blenheim Hall. The circa 1949 hall (photo below) is weather beaten, effected by 10 years of drought, wild storms and the 2011 floods and in need of painting. As the primary meeting place for the small community of less than 400 people, it is widely used by the local school, Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Fire Brigade and for many social activities. Once painted, the hall will stand pride of place in Blenheim. Blenheim Public Hall Association, QLD - $15,000


Creating a sunsmart playground. The Forest Hill community including the popular Recreation Park, home to the cricket oval, tennis courts, skate-park and an unshaded children’s’ playground was underwater during the 2011 floods. The sun-exposed playground is too hot for children to use during the day. Installing a large shade structure over the playground will facilitate social inclusion and healthy active play for children while their siblings and parent are playing sport. Forest Hill Cricket Club Inc. QLD - $10,000

Connecting community with mosaic making. This community arts program in Ingham, north Queensland will teach community members the skills of mosaic making. The mosaic pieces will be displayed as public art within the community. The mosaic project has been popular with many local residents participating. The program is assisting community recovery, improving connectedness, and up-skilling budding artists to share their skills with other community members. Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre, QLD - $5,000

Community Response to Eliminating Suicide (CORES). CORES is a suicide prevention and intervention program providing training within communities to raise awareness of what is happening to people around them so that they are able to help and support their needs. Innisfail volunteers will be trained as CORES Team Leaders, who will over the following 12 months train and support local volunteers. Innisfail has been battered with two of the most severe cyclones in Australia’s history, Larry (2006) and Yasi (2011) having severe impact economically, socially and emotionally. Kentish Regional Clinic, QLD - $16,800

Re-connecting in the Eisdvold Community Garden. The community garden is well underway with built-up beds, well composted soils and planting materials. The RRR grant will fund a garden shed, gardening tools, PVC piping, water tapes and fittings. The garden provides an opportunity for community members to come together, share their skills and knowledge and learn from each other while being physically active. Mundubbera Community Association, QLD - $3,090.29

Stabilising Killarney CWA Hall. In December 2010 the flood waters ripped through Killarney damaging the CWA Hall and eroding the soil under the building. Funding will enable the ground to be stabilised with a rock blanket, preventing future erosion, and the re-fit and bolting of building stumps and braces. Queensland Country Women’s Association – Killarney Branch, QLD - $15,000

Developing the economy. New toilet facilities will be greatly appreciated by visiting tourists to the opal mining town, staff and patients from the regular Flying Doctors service and people attending the community hall. Yowah Opal Mining Community Services Inc. QLD - $18,992 

Avoca Men’s Shed Extension. The Avoca Men’s Shed supports the physical and mental health of men in the local region. The shed has a membership of 45 who are currently involved in the local recovery effort through re-building infrastructure that was destroyed in the floods, including noticeboards and a shelter shed for community groups. The Avoca Men's Shed requested funds to complete the final stages of an upgrade to the shed. When the project is complete the shed will be almost double the size, creating the space needed to complete larger projects, increase membership and install a small kitchenette for members to access meals and quiet time.  Avoca Men’s Shed Inc. $10,000

Creswick Park Lake Botanical Reserve – Native Garden Walks. The historic Park Lake Botanical Reserve was established in 1869. The gardens are cared for by The Friends of Park Lake. This group works to keep the Reserve presentable by clearing rubbish and tending to established plants.  A large area in the eastern end of the gardens is currently overgrown with weeds and scrub such as blackberries, gorse and other non-indigenous plants that have thrived as a result of the 2011 floods. This area was barren before the floods and is now an eyesore and a fire hazard within close proximity to the town. The Creswick Landcare Group in partnership with The Friends of Park Lake requested funding to redevelop the area. Funds will support clearing and mulching of the area to allow volunteers to plant trees and establish pathways. Bald – Hills Creswick Landcare Group - $20,000

Safety Fence around the Playground. The Beulah Park Reserve is home to the Beulah Weir Pool and the only playground in the area. These facilities bring families and members of the wider community to the reserve for the purpose of passive recreation. The local playgroup and mothers groups often meet at the playground. The Weir Pool was empty during the drought and has recently been re-opened as the availability of water has increased. The playground is adjacent to the Reserve car park and is within metres of the Weir Pool and Creek. Due to increased use of the Reserve as the Weir Pool has re-opened, funds were requested to build a fence around the playground to increase the safety of local children. Belulah Park Trustees, - $9,345

The ‘Hands up Boort’ community project. The Boort District P-12 School consulted the Boort community to gauge interest in developing a community garden at the school site. An unprecedented and overwhelming level of interest resulted from the consultation process for the ‘Hands up Boort’ community project. The community garden will create a space where the school community, local community groups, local seniors, disadvantaged individuals and any other interested parties can work together to develop a community resource and meeting place. Funding will support the purchase of a barbeque and pizza oven which can be used to bring the community together to cook and enjoy the produce. In addition, funding will support the purchase of an outdoor workbench, garden shed, tools, and seating. Boort District P-12 School - $20,000

Restoring our Bowling Complex. The flooding of 2011 caused significant damage to the Bowling Club. Flood water was approximately four feet deep in the clubrooms. The venue is situated in the main street of Bridgewater and provides a regular meeting place for the community including an ‘Active After School Care’ program. The Club provides a social outlet for aging members of the community; over 100 people attend twilight bowling in the summer months as both spectators and players. The Club also holds community BBQ’s every Friday night over summer which are well attended by the wider community. Funding will support painting of the interior of the clubrooms. Bridgewater Bowling Club - $15,000

Repair the Playground. The only infrastructure in the small rural area of Calivil is the Recreation Reserve. The Reserve hosts a sports oval, playground, tennis courts, bowling greens, a hall, and a golf course. The Reserve also hosts senior citizens rooms, a family day care program and regular playgroup gatherings. Sports days at Calivil are a ‘day out of the house and off the farm’ for individuals and families in the area, allowing the rural community to connect and support each other, ward off depression and experience being part of a community. The Reserve was used as a relief and recovery centre after the 2011 floods with many families staying at the Hall during the worst of the disaster. The playground at the reserve was deemed unsafe due to flood damage. Prior to the floods, the playground at the Reserve was “covered with kids” at any given sports day. Funds will support the rebuilding of the playground. Calivil Recreation Reserve Committee of Management, - $18,000

After School Programs for Clunes. The small rural community of Clunes offers few opportunities other than sports for local youth to engage in after school. Moreover, the flooding event of 2011 caused financial and emotional stress for families in the district, which has negatively impacted on youth of the area. Up to sixteen local youth have been spending time at the local library after school. These young people have expressed the desire to be involved in meaningful activities after school. The librarian has also expressed concern at the need for appropriate after school supervision of local youth as well as programs that engage young people. Funds will support the employment of a Coordinator to develop and run an afterschool program and homework club for the youth of Clunes. Clunes CWA, - $14,910

Block-out Blinds for Cohuna Guide Hall. The Cohuna Guide Hall is an affordable venue for small community groups in the area to utilise. The hall has a functional kitchen and can be used to cater for up to sixty people. Fundraising opportunities for the Guides have been minimal due to recovery projects taking priority since the flooding event of 2011. The Hall becomes very warm in summer and very cold in winter due to lack of insulation. Funding will support the purchase and installation of block-out blinds on the six windows of the hall. Cohuna Girl Guides - $750

Enhancement of the Grampians Flora Botanic Garden. The Botanic Garden was established in 1998 as a project of the Community Association of Halls Gap to showcase local flora. The Garden, with its flat terrain, allows visitors to experience the diversity of local flora. The site is especially beneficial to those who are unable to walk the trails of the Grampians National Park due to physical or time restraints. The 2011 flood event caused significant damage to the Botanic Garden. Huge efforts have been made to restore the Garden by both volunteers and the Northern Grampians Shire Council. Funding will support the purchase of signage, training aids for volunteers, a carport-style sheltered area and a rainwater tank to further improve conditions for volunteers involved with the project. Community Association of Halls Gap - $4,830

Restoring the Entrepreneurial Spirit.  Restoring the Entrepreneurial Spirit is a regional summit that will build on and showcase the outcomes of a pilot project (Operation Next Gen). Operation Next Gen was developed to initiate community conversations involving three small rural towns within the flood affected Shires of Buloke, Loddon and Gannawarra. The project aims to identify practical strategies to address the issue of declining populations, particularly within the 20 – 39 year age brackets. A wide range of issues, the most recent being floods, has negatively impacted on young people when it comes to contemplating career and business opportunities within their home towns. Funding will support the engagement of a professional facilitator for the regional summit. The summit will bring together sixty community representatives in a professional and engaging manner to share ideas. The outcomes will act as a platform to inspire and support further community initiatives. Community Leadership Loddon Murray Inc. $3,600

Social Media Strategy for Clunes Booktown Festival 2013. The popular Clunes Booktown Festival began in 2007 and attracted 18,000 visitors to the town in 2012. The Festival boasts over sixty book traders from around Australia. The village streets are closed and filled with marquees and street entertainment. The event offers an opportunity for local community groups to raise significant funds and will assist in the recovery of the community. Funding will support a social media campaign through the purchase of a computer, printer, website development and domain registration. Creative Clunes $4,534

Instrument Fund. The Creswick Brass Band is an integral part of the Creswick Community. The band plays at community events such as ANZAC Day, Christmas carols, Town Festivals and Australia Day. The band also regularly plays in the main street of Creswick during the summer months and at the Senior Citizens home several times a year. The community of Creswick is proud to have the band. With over thirty members, the popular band provides a social and creative outlet for individuals from a range of age groups and cultural backgrounds. In recent years the band has regularly fundraised with the target of replacing aged and worn instruments used by band members. Currently the band does not have enough instruments to cover player numbers at band practice and events. The flooding event has reduced the fundraising opportunities available to the band. Funds will support the purchase of five new cornets and one new tenor horn. Creswick Municipal Band Inc. - $10,000

Garden to Table Neighbourhood Kitchen. The Creswick Neighbourhood House is a hub of the local community. The centre offers a venue to community groups and health services, runs workshops and courses and acts as a central communication point for the community regarding their activities and events. An identified need after the flooding disaster was the provision of meals to local residents during the initial rebuilding and recovery of the community. The House’s kitchen was not equipped to be able to provide this service to the community. Moreover, students and tutors at the House have expressed concern regarding the current kitchen; especially the tutors of the ‘Cooking on a Budget’ and ‘Cooking for People with Dietary Considerations’ classes. The centre’s kitchen is used heavily by all students, tutors, visitors, staff and volunteers for lunch, dinner and refreshments. Funding will support an upgrade of the kitchen including the replacement of cupboards, drawers, bench tops and flooring. Creswick Neighbourhood House $14,970

Outdoor Adventure Centre. The town of Creswick has small playgrounds with minimal equipment. The playground at the school was commonly utilised by the wider community before it was damaged by the 2011 floods. The old wooden playground is at the back of the school, close to a creek bank, and area has experienced three flooding events in past years which have washed away soft fall and caused structural damage to the playground equipment. Funding will support installation of a new playground at the school, which will be built at the front of the school on higher ground away from the creek. The playground will be an asset to the town and will be easily accessible to the wider community after school hours and on weekends. Creswick Primary School Parents' Club - $10,000

Creswick Seniors Centre. The Creswick Seniors Centre is used widely by the community of Creswick for meetings and activities. The Centre was also used as a relief and recovery centre for the community after the 2011 flooding event. Seniors commonly arrive at the Centre via mini bus. The lengthy process of exiting the bus and entering the Centre on a rainy day causes many seniors to be wet and uncomfortable. Funding will support the installation of a carport at the front of the building to allow safe and comfortable access to the Centre for elderly users and the wider community. Creswick & District Senior Citizens Welfare Committee - $9,495

Repair and replacement of flooring. The RSL Hall is the main meeting space in the community of Creswick for community and volunteer groups. The hall is accessed for activities and meetings an average of sixty hours each month. It has been a main meeting venue since the floods with more than 22 flood related activities and community meetings occurring at the hall in 2011. The hall's flooring is original and in need of replacement. Repeated sanding and repolishing of the floor has caused large gaps between the floor boards that are difficult to keep clean and can be a safety hazard. Funding will support the purchase and installation of quality timber-look vinyl planks over the existing floor of the hall. Creswick- Smeaton RSL Branch - $6,000

Cudgewa Community Equipment and Resources Project. Cudgewa is an isolated rural community with very limited infrastructure. The low socioeconomic town is home to 238 people. The community actively fundraised for several years to raise $50,000 to build a multipurpose community facility that will meet a range of community needs. Due to floods devastating the area in 2011 the community is exhausted, suffering from financial issues and unable to raise the funds needed to purchase equipment that would make the facility functional. When meeting at the building the community has to bring their own chairs and any other items that may be required. Funding will support the purchase of a refrigerator, flat screen television, meeting table and chairs, small tables and chairs, crockery and cutlery. Cudgewa Recreation Reserve - $19,415

Dingee Preschool Revitalisation Project. The Dingee Preschool grounds suffered significant damage during the 2011 flooding event. All soft-fall areas and sand were contaminated or washed away and paving was uplifted. The equipment shed was flooded and suffered damage and equipment in the shed had to be replaced. The Centre’s water pump and fences were also damaged. The Preschool Committee has used all funds available to replace or repair items on what seems to be an endless list. The existing playground equipment at the Centre is minimal, aged and does not meet the needs of users. The Preschool Committee had a Landscape Architecture Plan developed in 2010 and had begun to upgrade the outdoor areas of the Centre before the flooding event. Due to the flooding disaster the Centre put the playground upgrade project on hold. Funding will support the purchase and installation of play equipment at the Centre. Dingee Preschool Inc. - $20,000

Glenorchy Outdoor Community Meeting Area. The small rural community of Glenorchy has a population of 380. The town has minimal infrastructure and no businesses based in the town. The town was significantly impacted by the floods of 2011. The community has a Memorial hall which serves a range of purposes. The hall hosts the town’s Post Office which is run by volunteers and a small general store which has newspapers and essential household items available for purchase. Moreover, all community activities and meetings are held at the hall as there are no other venues. The hall is located across the road from the local tennis courts which were recently redeveloped and upgraded. In order to create a child friendly community meeting space the group funding will support the installation of a playground adjacent to the hall and tennis courts. Glenorchy Memorial Hall Committee Inc. $12,320

Joel Joel Hall Solar Power. The Joel Joel community values its hall as it is the only local meeting place for community group activities and events. The Hall Committee is committed to keeping hall hire costs down to allow the hall to be accessible to all community groups in the region. The Hall Committee applied for funding to support the purchase and installation of a grid interactive solar power system. The solar power system will allow user groups to meet in comfort without major concern that the heating or cooling systems are resulting in excessive electricity bills. Joel Joel Public Hall - $2,850

Kitchen Upgrade – Aged Care Facility. The John Curtin Aged Care Home is a community-owned not-for-profit organisation that cares for the aging population in Creswick and district. The home has had an increase in visitors and service users since the floods of 2011. The Home provided meals for local elderly residents that were evacuated from their homes, during and after the flooding event; some of these residents are still attending meals twice a week and are in need of support. The venue is also used by the wider community for a range of activities and meetings and is a central point for senior activities. The commercial kitchen at the home is aged and desperately requires an upgrade. The Aged Care Home is currently unable to fund the upgrade as available funds have been applied to repairing flood damage. Funding will support an upgrade of the commercial kitchen through the purchase and installation of a commercial grade freezer and dishwasher. $13,200

Kooreh Memorial Hall – Good as New. The Kooreh Memorial Hall will celebrate its 90th year in 2013 with a “Back to Kooreh” event. The hall is used regularly for meetings by the local Fire Brigade, Landcare group and a dance group. The hall is also a venue for significant birthdays and private events. The hall was damaged during the 2011 floods and received government funding to undergo major renovations including the replacement of flooring and an upgrade to the kitchen. Funding will support the group to complete the renovations including painting external areas of the hall, building an elevated storage area and restoring and reframing significant memorabilia that is displayed at the hall.  Kooreh Memorial Hall Committee Inc. - $4,550

Hopetoun’s Hot Wheels. Since the floods of 2011, weeds are coming up as water recedes from Lake Corrong and along the Yarriambiack Creek. The Lake Lascelles / Corrong Committee of Management aim to eradicate these weeds before they go to seed and become too thick to manage. Funding will support the purchase of a John Deere TH Gator utility vehicle to allow access to weed infested areas. The Hopetoun Landcare Group will provide a 200 Litre Goldacres spray unit to be attached to the vehicle. The Landcare group will also fund an ATV safety course through Gateway BEET in Hopetoun for all volunteers planning to use the vehicle. Lake Lascelles/Corrong Committee of Management Inc. - $5,000

Completion of a Community Project: Macorna Hall Complex. Macorna is a small rural farming area with a population of 250. The community has no infrastructure except the Recreation Reserve facilities. In 2006 the Macorna Community identified the need for a Community Hall. The community raised funds to purchase three school portable buildings and joined them together at the end of the existing Reserve facility. Over the past few years the community raised funds to upgrade and improve the aged buildings to create a functional community hall. Due to economic downturn across the district since the floods, the community of Macorna has been unable to raise funds to continue the project. Funding will support the final stages of the upgrade including replastering the ceiling, installing a roller window in the kitchen and replacing the original windows. Macorna Public Park and Recreation Reserve Committee - $20,000

Marnoo Public Hall - a Cool Place to Be. The Marnoo Public Hall is an essential meeting place for the region. The hall is used by a number of local community organisations and was recently used as a central point for flood recovery information and exchange. It has been established through user group feedback that the hall is extremely hot in summer. This has an impact on the comfort of all user groups. Funding will support the purchase and installation of vertical blinds to insulate the hall. Marnoo Public Hall $1,067

Community Recovery of Waterways on the Moolort Flood Plain. Local Landcare groups of Moolort (Carisbrook) and Baringhup have worked hard over many years to rehabilitate a significant area along the Loddon River. Since the floods existing weeds have been reborn along with new species of weeds that have been washed into the area. The groups have begun to remove these weeds but requested funding to speed up the process and hire a contractor to complete the job. It is envisioned that the community will be able to maintain the area after the major clean-up. Moolort Landcare Group Inc. $4,704

Community Renewal Project. Murrabit and district is a rural isolated farming area which was hit hard by prolonged drought before further devastation caused by the 2011 floods. The Murrabit Lions Park is an important meeting place in the community for residents and visitors. Currently the park has a small basic playground, barbeque shelter and lawn area. The park is the only park or playground in the town. Funding will support the community to upgrade the Lions Park through extending the playground and installing shade sails, a new barbeque, signage, seating and landscaping. In addition, funding will support the Lions Club to replace its aging catering caravan so that they are able to continue to support their community through fundraising activities. Murrabit and District Lions Club Inc. $20,000

Powlett Storage Expansion. The Powlett Plains Community Centre is a community-owned facility, used as a meeting place by numerous community groups for community and private events. The centre currently has one small garden shed to store all equipment for user groups. During the floods this shed was flooded and the equipment stored there was damaged. The current shed is not meeting the needs of user groups as it is too small and contains a pressure pump for the water supply to the hall and toilets. Funding will support the purchase and erection a 6m X 6m Zinc Heavy Duty garage on a concrete slab. The shed will be erected on higher ground that the current shed to avoid flood damage in the event of another disaster. Powlett Plains Community Centre $7,477

Mobile Community Food Van. The Lions Club of Pyramid Hill support the community by providing a catering option for local community events. The Club currently has a 40 year old caravan equipped with a barbeque. The food van was used day and night during the flooding emergency of 2011 to provide meals to volunteers and emergency service workers. The food van is aged and would not meet OHS safety standards and the Lions Club is reluctant to hire the van out to other groups in its current state. Funding will support the group to purchase a Mobile Food Trailer which can also be made available to other community groups to support local fundraising and events. Lions Club of Pyramid $10,000

Kidzcapers. Several community groups in the disaster affected community of Rochester have expressed the need for the community to hold events that bring visitors and tourists to the town and to support community group fundraising efforts and social participation. The financial burden of rebuilding and recovery activities is having a ripple effect across the community. Many local businesses are struggling to survive and community groups are unable to attract their usual sponsorship from these businesses. The Rochester Chamber of Commerce has organised a ‘Kidzcapers’ festival to provide the community with the opportunity to participate in a low cost day out with educational and fun activities. The event will have catering, roaming performers, musical and cultural activities. Local community groups will have the opportunity to promote their groups and raise much needed funding. Funding will support the cost of performers and activities at the festival. Rochester Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. $717

Stimulating music, entertainment and friendship. The Rupanyup Nursing Home Support Group aims to provide musical entertainment for the residents at the home. Entertainment provides stimulation for residents and encourages friends, family and community members to visit. A Friends and Family Open Day and two other activity days are planned for residents. It is hoped that the Open Day will increase a sense of mutual support and understanding of the experience of placing loved ones into care through spending time with others in a similar situation. Following years of drought and the 2011 floods, this event also aims to bring the community together in a positive and celebratory environment. Funding will support the cost of musicians and entertainers. Dunmunkle Health Services - Rupanyup Nursing Home $500

Rupanyup Recreation Reserve Grandstand Refurbishment Project. The Rupanyup community are currently upgrading aging facilities at the Recreation Reserve. A new Community Centre has recently been constructed beside the Grandstand, which has improved the amenity of the Recreation Reserve significantly. However there is rough earth between the two buildings which hinders easy access to and from the buildings, particularly for those with mobility issues and parents with prams. Funding will support the installation of paving from the Community Centre to the Grandstand. Rupanyup Recreation Reserve Committee Inc. $2,400

High Street Linear Park Infrastructure. Dimboola, a wheat-growing town, was heavily impacted by the 2011 floods, with much damage and loss to farming land, town infrastructure and residential property. The community is still undertaking repairs and restorations at present. The local economy has been affected and the residents are fatigued. The Uniting Church Dimboola is partnering with the Dimboola Residents Group to complete improvements to a public space at the entrance to the town of Dimboola. The Residents Group see this project as an opportunity to create a positive and refreshed space for the community which will help restore community pride and confidence for the future, as well as an attractive entrance to draw visitors to the town. Funding will support the purchase and installation of seating, plants and landscaping. Uniting Church Australia St Andrews Uniting Parish – Dimboola $4,000

Always Looking on the Bright Side of Life. Warracknabeal has experienced twelve years of drought followed by one year of flooding commencing with the January 2011 floods. The Warracknabeal Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre support the community through offering a range of activities to increase participation and improve wellbeing. Neighbourhood House Management would like to improve the facilities at the House in order to increase user numbers and the services offered to the community. User groups have stated that the facility is an uncomfortable environment in the extreme weather conditions of winter and summer.  Funding will support the purchase and installation of air-conditioning at the centre. Warracknabeal Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre Inc. $7,999

Women on Farms Gathering – St Arnaud 2013. St Arnaud has been chosen to host the annual Women on Farms Gathering in 2013. The main aim of the Gathering is to give rural women a chance to network and gain useful information and new skills. The event will run from the 26th -28th April 2013 and will showcase St Arnaud and the surrounding district to women from across Victoria. The event is being organised by 16 local women and 20 volunteers who have been meeting for over 18 months to develop an exciting program of events and activities. A number of local and interstate guest speakers will present to what is expected to be a crowd of 400 women. It is hoped the event will boost the local economy and promote tourism in the wake of the 2011 flooding disaster that devastated the region. Funding will support the cost of guest speakers at the Women on Farms Gathering event. Women on Farms Gathering – St Arnaud 2013 $10,000

Display Upgrade. The community of Jeparit is proud of their museum. The museum allows like-minded community members to come together and share their interest in history and agricultural machinery. In January 2011, the Museum Committee was advised that a metre of water would hit the museum. The town rallied together and moved all items from the museum into shipping containers which were moved to higher ground. 150 people assisted to move the displays. Levee banks were built around the museum and fortunately the levee banks held. During the move fragile old display cabinets were damaged. These display cabinets fell apart on return to the museum. Funds will support the purchase of custom made new cabinets. Wimmera Mallee Pioneer Museum $4,543

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