2011 RRR Program - Funded Projects Round 1

Funded Projects - Round 1of the 2011 RRR Program:

Lockyer Valley Community Housing Trust. Support to develop a scoping study to establish a community-housing scheme in the Lockyer Valley. The project is an opportunity to share a basic framework on how to establish a housing trust in the aftermath of a natural disaster. FRRR played an important role in the development of a temporary housing project in Strathewen, VIC after the 2009 bushfires, and this project is recognised as a continuation of identifying the strategic role that philanthropy can play in addressing key issues such as housing. Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Qld - $8,000

Flood Recovery Support for the Charlton & District. Charlton was devastated during two separate flooding events in September 2010 and January 2011. The majority of local businesses and residents suffered considerable damage and many subsequently found their insurance was insufficient or their claim was not considered eligible. The town is located in the Buloke Shire, of which 80% was inundated. The CIRCLE is manned by a group of determined and fatigued volunteers. These volunteers no longer have the capacity to manage on their own, and have sought support from FRRR to engage a Project Manager for twelve months to assist. Charlton Information Resource Centre, Victoria - $15,000

Skipton Historical Walk Infrastructure and Materials. Skipton is a small rural town in the Western District of Victoria, Australia, approximately 50km west of Ballarat and the final stop on the Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail. Skipton was inundated in both September 2010 and January 2011, with 20 local businesses and 9 houses seriously damaged. This project will support economic renewal through encouraging passing visitor traffic to stop and spend money at local businesses through passive recreational infrastructure. Skipton Progress Association, Victoria - $5,000

Kitchen Renovation of Cobb & Co Coach House c1875. Molong is located in the Cabonne Shire in northern NSW. It experienced significant flooding over Christmas 2010. The Yarn Market Association runs a successful social enterprise attracting local and external visitors including coach tours, to the historical building where local produce is sold and tourist and historical information is displayed. The profit from the enterprise is used to support a seven room aged care facility located in the adjacent building, and the maintenance of the 1875 Cobb and Co Coach house building. The Yarn Market Association, Molong, NSW - $5000

Fresh Food for Us @ Weilmoringle. Weilmoringle is a small community of 60 located102 km North West of Brewarrina, NSW. The town was evacuated for three months due to floodwaters in 2011. This project promotes longer term sustainability and community capacity in providing a healthy cooking program for the community. The grant will be used to provide pots, pans, cooking utensils and fresh food for cooking classes and community meals. Weilmoringle Local Aboriginal Land Council, NSW - $5,000

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