2011 RRR Program - Funded Projects Round 5

The latest round of recipients of the 2011 Repair-Restore-Renew grants have been announced. There are a wide range of projects in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland which are helping communities affected by either flooding or Cyclone Yasi to recover and rebuild.

Victorian projects

21st Century Light and Sound. The Banyena Hall has recently undergone major refurbishment as the Hall was flooded to approximately 500mm above the floor level during the 2011 floods. Funds will enable the purchase of a projector, screen and speakers for the community to use during social events such as movie nights which are held regularly at the hall. The equipment will also assist the Hall Committee to increase use of the hall as it will be made available to organisations that hire the hall for events, meetings and other activities. Banyena Community Hall Inc. $2,896.00

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right. The Marnoo Public Hall is an essential large meeting place for the district. The community have reported that the Hall is very hot in summer and cold in winter. The uncomfortable environment has impacted on activities held at the hall. Funds will support the purchase and installation of two 11.7kW reverse cycle inverter systems. Marnoo Public Hall Reserve $8,166.00

Kitchen Upgrade. As one of the only functional meeting places in the area, the Murrabit Golf Club hosts many club and social events. A range of community organisations use the club rooms for catering, meeting and gathering purposes. The kitchen at the Club is an asset to the venue; currently the kitchen is in poor condition. Funds will support the Murrabit Golf Club to upgrade the kitchen benches and cupboards. A number of community groups in the area are committed to donating labour, electrical goods and floor coverings to complete the project. Murrabit Golf Club Inc. $10,000.00

Museum Weathered to Water Tight. The Navarre Historical Society was formed in 2009 through a groundswell of interest in preserving artefacts and documents of local historical importance.  The Museum has come to be a source of local pride and a place to house the historical identity of the district.  The Navarre Museum Building was significantly flood damaged in January 2011. The building is currently undergoing repair work to the floor and substructure as part of flood recovery works funded by the Department of Planning and Community Development. Funds will support the Society to complete the restoration of the building including repairs to door and window architraves and sills. Navarre and District Historical Society Inc. $5,500.00

Looking After our Place in Paradise. Paradise Hall is the only public facility in the locality.  It is a focal point for the area, providing not only a meeting place but a sense of community. The Hall has provided a venue for the community to connect and support each other since the 2011 flooding event. The old weather boards on the Hall are deteriorating and are in need of replacement. Funds will enable the Hall Committee to purchase low maintenance Colorbond weatherboards. Volunteers are ready to undertake the removal of the old boards and replace them with the new Colorbond boards. Paradise Hall Committee Inc. $1,846.48

Glenorchy Heritage Trail Begins. Glenorchy was one of the worst-hit towns in the upper catchment during the 2010-2011 floods. Five houses were inundated and a further 16 suffered water damage from flooding on the Wimmera River. Reports stated that water was flowing through sheds and houses nearly a metre deep and many roads in the district were unpassable. The community has been assisted by the Northern Grampians Shire to develop a community plan to support the recovery of the area. One of the projects identified in the plan was to develop a Heritage Trail which visits historical sites in and around Glenorchy. The Stawell Historical Society will assist the Glenorchy community group by providing access to the historical archives at Stawell, sharing knowledge and expertise in researching the historical sites and creating a trail map of the identified sites. Funds will support the purchase and installation of three professionally made, weather resistant signs to begin the Heritage Trail project. Stawell Historical Society Inc. $5,640.00

Rusty Pipes to Poly Clean. The Wal Wal community suffered similar devastation to other farming districts in the Northern Grampians Shire with a significant loss of fencing, roads and livestock. The Wal Wal Hall is the only community facility in Wal Wal and local residents feel that it is an essential element in keeping the community connected now and into the future.  The population live in isolation on farming properties and the Hall not only provides a meeting place, in times of emergency such as the floods, but also serves as an icon or physical representation of the community. A water tank provides water to the kitchen and toilets at the Hall. The water flow is currently insufficient to allow for adequate flushing of toilets and hand washing. Funds will enable the Hall Committee to replace corroded or broken underground pipes that supply water from the tank to the kitchen and toilets. Wal Wal Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee $1,278.00

New South Wales Project

The Bonshaw School Chook Project. The school’s chicken coop was washed away in the 2011 floods. With only 14 students and a population of 60, it has been difficult for the community to fund raise. The grant will enable the purchase of a chicken coop and run to be located in the school orchard. The mobile chicken pen, with an open floor, will allow the chickens to scratch and dig up seeds, eat weeds and leave behind their natural fertiliser, whilst still contained for the day. If disaster should strike again, chickens and their coop can be shifted to higher ground. Bonshaw P&C Association $3,649.00

Queensland Projects

Camp Benaiah Helps Homeless and Disadvantaged Ingham Youth. Community and disaster recovery workers identified the lack of emergency care for the homeless and disadvantaged youth of Ingham, more obvious in recent years after successive cyclones and floods have impacted the region’s economy and housing. Camp Benaiah, an outdoor education facility, was identified as a suitable short term emergency accommodation. A few modifications are required to improve the kitchen and wardrobes. The funds will also purchase a refurbished computer and software for the youth to access leadership life skills programs. Camp Benaiah Inc. $5,000.00

Mission Evolve Music Fest (MEMF) 2013. After a hugely successful 2012 line-up, the increasingly popular far north Queensland music festival is planned for the October long weekend. Featuring many local bands and artists and DJs, 2013 will see a greater focus on youth (13-17 years) with a separate marquee for performances and workshops such as DJing. Funds will support the youth program and business planning to ensure the event’s long term sustainability. Cassowary Region Arts Council Association $7,500.00

Creativity Helps in Disaster Recovery. The community of Mission Beach continues to work towards their recovery from Cyclone Yasi and flooding through the creative arts program, Come Together. Creativity is a recognised treatment for stress, anxiety and mental health issues post disasters. The program has been running for over 20 weeks, with 600 participants so far using the opportunity to connect, and share their stories through various creative art workshops designed to enhance community strength, well-being and resilience. Funds will support the continuation of the program with a focus on developing the volunteer facilitators to provide sustainability when funding ceases. Mission Beach Community Arts Centre Inc. $20,000.00

Tropicalising Ethnic Food.  The project will highlight the Cassowary Coast’s ethnic diversity to the region’s domestic and international visitors. Local residents, many whom migrated from Europe years earlier, will be interviewed to collect their stories and recipes documenting how they adapted their traditional recipes to available local produce. The stories and recipes will be incorporated in the interactive food program at the visitors' centre, available online and as a recipe book. Promoting the area as a tropical food destination will encourage tourism to boost the economy which has suffered in recent years. Mission Beach Tourism Inc. $10,000.00

Malanda Small Farms Field Day. The impact of recent cyclones in north Queensland has been devastating. Many larger farmers have left the land - their properties being subdivided into smaller farms. In 2012, nearly 3,000 people attended the Malanda Small Farms Field Day seeking advice on sustainable farming practices. Funding will support the 2013 field day’s new Advice Centre, providing participants with access to practical rural solutions, local experts to discuss issues, workshops and presentations, fact sheets and handouts, with a focus on disaster preparedness.  North Johnstone and Lake Eacham Landcare Association Inc. $15,000.00

Food Security with Ravenshoe’s Community Garden. After Cyclone Yasi the local community was isolated for 14 days without power or telecommunications, and had diminished access to fresh food. Local residents would like to establish an edible community garden that can be harvested during cyclone season.  The project will focus on building volunteers skills, through participation and a series of workshops with an emphasis on permaculture, composting, soil preparation and garden maintenance. Ravenshoe Community Centre $13,303.00

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