Grants support innovative projects in Eden

$270,000 distributed to eight projects

Bendigo, 12 April 2017: Eight projects designed to improve opportunities for Eden’s young people will share in $270,000, after receiving grants from the Eden Futures Program.


The Eden Futures Program, a partnership between the NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS) and the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR), was created to support innovative and community-led responses to issues identified in Eden.

Natalie Egleton, CEO of FRRR, says the projects receiving grants have all been developed by local organisations that know and understand the challenges the community has faced in the past, as well as the opportunities.

“The program encouraged local non-profit organisations and local community members to develop projects that would create new ways of working together to improve outcomes for young people.

“The initiatives they have come up with range from those that meet immediate needs such as extending the community playgroup, and continuing a safe drop-in space for youth plus an evaluation to support longer-term sustainability, to those with a longer term focus such as developing local business opportunities from oysters to a gaming enterprise, and investigation of a shared services hub for the community.” she said.

FRRR will soon convene a meeting with all successful applicants to help strengthen their project implementation and sustainability through further collaboration or utilising assets which already exist within the Eden community.

Details of the projects receiving funding are below:


Project Summary


Campbell Page Ltd

Eden Community Playgroup

Extending the Eden Community Playgroup service for 18 months, assisting in early childhood development and enhancing the lives of children up to eight years old and their parents.


Campbell Page Ltd

Eden Youth Centre

Continuation of the Eden Youth Centre, providing a safe drop-in space for young people to become engaged and access support services. 


Eden Chamber of Commerce Inc

Eden Futurepreneurs

Facilitation of a 12-week youth entrepreneur program, building practical business skills and increasing self-direction, career aspirations and community engagement. 


Eden Chamber of Commerce Inc

Eden Futures Economic Gardening Project

Economic gardening in Eden: feeding and watering small businesses to fully realise the area’s potential. 


Eden Community Access Centre

Gaming in Eden

Engagement of local youth in the development, production and sale of computer video games, engaging them in a niche industry while teaching employable skills and increasing self-worth and aspirations. 


Eden Community Access Centre

Combined Service Provision

Engagement of a consultant to explore the viability of establishing a combined service provision hub, ensuring ease of service access for the community, while limiting gaps in the system. 


TTF The Eden Whale Discovery Centre Research Trust

The Secret Life of Oysters – enticing youth with their environmental juice!

Delivery of an industry-based educational program within the locally-prominent Oyster industry, boosting future employment opportunities for youth in Eden and securing the future of Oyster farms in the area.


Twofold Aboriginal Corp

Healing with Knowledge

Delivery of the “Healing with Knowledge” program, providing enriching opportunities for students at risk of disengaging from school to complete part of their studies from Jigamy Farm throughout 2017. 


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