Upper Brogo feels fire safe, thanks to ANZ Seeds funding

The isolated community of Upper Brogo lies in the hills adjacent to Wadbilliga National Park, 35 kilometres north of Bega on the NSW South Coast. It’s a high-risk area for bushfires and thankfully Upper Brogo has an active local rural fire sub-brigade, which operates as an out station of the Quaama Bush Fire Brigade,35 kilometeres from the main base.

The Brigade sought support to upgrade the Upper Brogo Fire Shed, which was a small, dilapidated wooden-framed shed with a dirt floor and did nothing more than protect the fire truck.

After receiving $10,000 from the ANZ Seeds of Renewal Program, the Brigade was able to install a new shed on a concrete pad on a new site leased from local landowners.

The new shed provides a great venue for the local residents to develop and improve their training and bushfire preparedness. As a community, they assess each others’ fire plans and develop their knowledge of the local area and potential hot spots. As the only community asset in the area, the new shed also hosts many social gatherings and community meetings.

The Brigade members are justifiably proud of their new facility, especially when they contributed more than 260 man hours of labour to lay the concrete and erect the shed.

Project Manager, Debbi Platts, says the funding from the ANZ Seeds of Renewal program in 2009 was fundamental to the success of the entire project.

“Without those funds, we would not have been able to contemplate the purchase of a new shed. The shed has totally reinvigorated the community. People are proud of the new asset that they built for themselves. Interest in the fire brigade is growing steadily with more of the community becoming involved, which will lead to active members.”

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