Every bloke needs a shed and some new tools

Historic Beechworth, a small town in Victoria’s north-east, is home to The Beechworth Men’s Shed. It is a great substitute for those who do not have access to their own shed and provides a woodworking and hobbies workshop, as well as acting as a ‘drop-in’ centre for men of all ages.

The Beechworth Men’s Shed offers a friendly a relaxed atmosphere created by blokes “working shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded blokes”. It is affiliated with the Australian Men’s Shed Association, which acts as a central hub for information exchange for over 820 Men’s Sheds across Australia.

Aside from being a place to build skills and work on personal or community projects, Men’s Sheds encourage physical and mental activity, improve a sense of connectedness in the community and reduce isolation, particularly for men who have been through a major life change such as retirement, divorce or bereavement.

Every shed needs new equipment from time to time. The Beechworth Men’s Shed recently received a $5,000 FRRR grant which enabled them to purchase much needed accessories for existing tools and machinery, as well as some new equipment which has expanded the range of projects that can be undertaken in the shed. It has also enabled more individuals to be working on projects at any one time, particularly those with disabilities.

Items purchased included: Orbital, belt and triangular sanders, Pyrography Tool and kit, Full face shield, scroll saw, chocks, chisels, clamps, push block, cross cut saw, digital callipers, drill set, keyless chick, lathe accessories, water stone, and two units of shelving to on which to store tools.


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