A closer community thanks to Carinda Comment

The Carinda community at their 'Let's Dance Carinda' event. Photo Source: Facebook, Credit: Brian Scholar
Carinda community - photo credit Brian Scholar

The remote town of Carinda in NSW has endured ongoing drought and as a result, suffered significant decline in the community. This included the closure of the General Store, and several families leaving town after bad seasons led to job losses in the region. Several of those who had to relocate to find work made up the team that published The Carinda Comment, a newsletter written by and distributed to the local residents of Carinda. It had been running for thirty years, but ceased in 2011, when the committee members left the community.

With a $5,000 grant through Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) program, a new team was formed to resuscitate the Carinda Comment, in conjunction with the Carinda Rugby Club – a club that no longer has enough players to yield a team, but still regularly hosts events within the community.

The Carinda Comment volunteers used the TTTT grant to purchase the equipment necessary to produce the local newspaper.

Now, 140 copies of The Carina Comment are published quarterly and includes news of local events, advertising for local businesses, and features support services available to the community.

With five issues published, morale within the Carinda community is improving and attitudes within the Carinda community are lifting. It’s proving to be a useful resource for the local residents to become informed on happenings around the region, as well as strengthening connections among Carinda locals.

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