Emergency Services volunteers tipped off on getting grants

Bendigo, 11 May, 2012: More than 150 participants attending this weekend’s Volunteer Leaders’ Forum in Bendigo will be given insights into how to secure grants for their local organisations by the CEO of Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, Alexandra Gartmann.""

Ms Gartmann, who will speak before The Hon. Peter Ryan delivers the opening address on Saturday morning, will tell the group that there is a wide range of grants available from government and the philanthropic sector. However knowing where to find them, what qualifies, and how to pitch a project, presents a maze of challenges.

But Ms Gartmann will explain that it’s not an insurmountable challenge. “Getting access to funds does take some time and energy but if you are structured in your approach and well-prepared, you should be able to find the financial support you need,” she will say.

Ms Gartmann, who is also an active Ambulance Community Officer, will be sharing some tips about what to do to ensure that your grant is successful. Some of those tips include:

  • Prepare early - gather the information you’ll need ahead of time – eg. your ABN, tax status and DGR status. Makes copies of the certificates because nearly every grant maker need them.
  • Ring the grant maker to discuss the project - start the relationship, gauge their interest, find out the unwritten guidelines – you could save yourself a lot of work and we can often help
  • Brain storm with others and have group commitment to the project BERFORE you start writing the application
  • Keep the application succinct, but informative –don’t give one sentence or one word answers to a multifaceted question but equally, don’t be verbose; use bullet points
  • If unsuccessful don’t  take it personally – there are many more applications than dollars available, but always ask for specific feedback

FRRR is well qualified to speak on this topic, having distributed nearly $1million to emergency services organisations in the last twelve years. Funds have gone to a variety of projects including:""

  • establishing UHF radio networks, with radios distributed to residents and CFA members in many areas at risk of bushfire
  • an Ultra-Light Tanker
  • an Emergency Storage Shed
  • premises Fit Out
  • upgrading a kitchen used by a wide range of community groups
  • St John’s Ambulance mobile trailer
  • a new command vehicle, fitted out to CFA specifications
  • an electric hose reel winder for on the back of a truck
  • local maps and holders

For more information about the grants that are currently available, visit FRRR’s website: www.frrr.org.au.au. FRRR focuses on rural and regional communities, especially those with fewer than 10,000 people.

For comment, contact FRRR’s CEO, Alexandra Gartmann, on 03 5430 2399 or call Julie Weldon on
0423 110 802.

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