Launch of FRRR’s Evaluation Impact Report

Impact Report

With our organisation fast approaching 20 years of operation we wanted to better understand the cumulative impact of our work and demonstrate the value of the investments made by government and our partners. We also needed to formalise and document a more sophisticated framework for identifying and tracking priorities and focus areas going forward.

Over the last 18 months, thanks to support from the Sidney Myer Fund, we have completed an in-depth review of 25,000 applications received over our 17 years of grant-making - from FRRR's inception in 2000 until December 2016 - exploring who and what we funded, the parties who contributed and importantly the outcomes.

The Review showed us where demand has been the highest, how the mix of programs FRRR has managed has shifted over time, and what type of funding and support is valued most by rural, regional and remote communities. It confirmed the importance of helping local leaders respond to issues and deliver activities or services relevant to their local context and need, and enabled us to articulate our Theory of Change and formalise our Evaluation Framework.

It has also helped shape how FRRR and our partners can continue to keep supporting these rural communities, who are at the coalface of many of Australia’s - and indeed the globe’s - most pressing challenges: natural resource management, liveability, industry disruption, and climate extremes, to name a few.

FRRR CEO Natalie Egleton presenting the findings in Melbourne
FRRR CEO Natalie Egleton presenting the findings.

Across rural, regional and remote Australia, local leaders are faced with the challenges of building and sustaining thriving communities through these times. Over the past few weeks we have presented the findings and our new framework to a number of Government Ministers and other parliamentary members, as well as to many of our donor partners. It is only through their support and understanding that we can continue to support our communities, acting as a conduit to philanthropy and help them become vibrant, sustainable places to live and work.


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