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The FRRR team works hard to develop new ideas and methods through thinking, researching, debating, testing and informing to address issues facing regional and rural Australia. We use our knowledge and understanding of rural, regional and remote issues to drive change, and we were very pleased to see that our reputation as a leader in disaster recovery has made it all the way to Canada.

In December 2017, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) published a disaster response toolkit titled ‘When Disaster Strikes: a Guide for Community Foundations’. The toolkit names FRRR as a ‘leader in exploring philanthropy’s role and response to disaster’ and draws from a number of FRRR’s own resources, papers and presentations, including our Natural Disaster Response Framework, Lessons in Disaster Recovery: Learning from FRRR's response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, and the more recent Disaster Resilient: Future Ready program development.

Community Foundations have a vital role – bringing people together and strengthening communities – and their role is particularly invaluable in disaster-affected communities. FRRR has been a catalyst for and strong supporter of several Community Foundations over many years, and our ongoing support includes coaching, scholarships and the hosting of Community Foundation Accounts for assisting fundraising efforts.

Community Foundations of Canada is a national network for Canada’s 191 community foundations. Their report tells us that storms, hurricanes and floods in Canada will cost the federal government $902m CND over the next couple of years. We hope that the lessons we have learnt and approaches we have developed in Australia contribute to resilience and preparedness among our Canadian friends.

Find the CFC Toolkit here.



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