Community collaboration improves Terang wetlands

Terang Wetlands

The Terang Community Wetlands Committee was granted $2,300 by the Gardiner Dairy Foundation Working in Dairy Communities program to excavate and establish a shallow pond area adjoining the existing deep ponds of the Terang community wetlands.

There was a need for shallow ponds to support wading birds and frogs, with denser vegetation on the banks to encourage breeding by a variety of birds and animals.

During the project implementation, a central viewing mound was added to the plan so that wildlife could be observed and monitored.

The Wetlands Committee worked closely with the local high school to deliver this project. Year 9 students studied the ecosystem and met an Aboriginal ranger to learn what plants were Indigenous to the area and how Aboriginal people used them. This information was then incorporated into the wetland planning and 30 students planted 3000 plants to create an ecosystem to support breeding.

This project achieved a significant improvement in habitat for native birds, frogs and animals in the area. The students benefited by observing and recording increasing populations, and learned to work as a team planting and monitoring their areas. They showed increased awareness of wetland ecosystems, and presented their knowledge to an adult audience of parents and committee members.

The Wetlands Committee has also been very happy to hear favourable comments from the Terang residents that utilise this local amenity.

This project has proven a great success for both the Terang Wetlands Committee and the high school students involved in the rejuvenation of the wetlands.

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