Sheltering from the heat

Jarrahdale is a small historic town nestled in the hills 65km south-east of Perth in the picturesque Jarrah forests of the Darling Scarp.  Despite its idyllic location, the community faces significant challenges. Although it is part of the second fastest growing shire in Western Australia, it doesn’t yet have the population to generate rates high enough to cover the needs of the community it serves. 

A small group of dedicated members of the Jarrahdale Community Association (JCA) have worked very hard over the past three years to create a new recreational facility for their community. Known as Forest Green, it has an electric BBQ, basketball court and seating shelters. This project has been driven by the community, given the limited infrastructure funding available from their local council. 

The Jarrahdale Community Association approached FRRR to support the purchase and erection of a shelter to provide additional seating and shade coverage for visitors to the reserve. A grant of $4,400 from the Small Grants for Small Rural Communities program enabled the JCA to build the second shelter. Seating was installed with a further grant from the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Community Funding Grants, and the final touches of the concrete paths linking the shelter to existing infrastructure within Forest Green was facilitated through additional funding from the Shire.

Vice President of the JCA, Kim Petersen, said that the grant from FRRR was paramount in the success of the project.

“We desperately needed this second shelter - temperatures in Jarrahdale can reach into the early 40’s in summer. The installation of an additional shelter and seating into the Forest Green reserve was entirely dependent on the success of this funding application. The grant from FRRR provided the bulk of the funding necessary to complete the project, and with it we were able leverage further support to finish it.

“It has promoted greater socialisation of residents and families within the town, and has provided them with a comfortable space to sit and enjoy the new Forest Green reserve.  As the only public open space within the township, it is expected that Forest Green will become a focal meeting point for the town.”

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