FRRR adopts a new grants structure

FRRR has announced that it is moving to a new grant program structure from 2019.

The work that FRRR completed during 2018 to improve our systems and processes highlighted that we could simplify our grants structure and make it easier for community groups to find grants to address local needs.

The new model is more flexible and responsive to both grant applicants and our donor partners, who can continue to support particular areas they are passionate about. In general, there will be fewer programs but FRRR will still support the same issues and the same breadth of communities it always has.

From January 2019, FRRR's grants will be grouped into three streams, as below:

FRRR Grants Structure 2019

The People, Place and Prosperity grants are where there is most change.

There will be a new general grants program called Strengthening Rural Communities. Many of the programs that have supported similar things – such as Small Grants for Rural Communities, REAPing Rewards or CATCH – will be rolled into this one program.

All of the focus areas we've previously supported (education, ageing, culture/heritage, community infrastructure, economic development, community and organisational resilience, health etc) are still being funded, but under the one program.

There will be two tiers under Strengthening Rural Communities:

  • Small and Vital grants – up to $10,000, awarded quarterly; and
  • Larger Leverage grants - $10,001 up to $25,000, awarded twice a year (once in 2019).

The Strengthening Rural Communities - Small and Vital grants will be available year-round, so community groups can apply when it suits them. There will be designated cut-off times during the year (eventually quarterly) when the applications received at that point will be assessed and grants awarded. The first round of Strengthening Rural Communities will open in late February.

Where we run region-specific small grant programs on behalf of donors – such as Gardiner Dairy Foundation's Working in Dairy Communities grants or Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities, they will continue.

These changes will take effect during January 2019, and so you’ll start to see changes to our website over the next few weeks to reflect this new structure.

Additional resources will be available to support you, such as FAQs etc. However, if you have any questions at any time, please just give us a call on 1800 070 020.

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