Toora's main street makeover creates art trail

The main street of Victorian dairy community Toora has had a makeover! Using a Gardiner Dairy Foundation Working in Dairy Communities grant of $4,200, two lead artists, Leila Boakes and Liz Zanella, along with 60 energetic volunteers painted 19 of the street’s power poles with unique designs! Each pole has a different design inspired by both the street and the surrounding hills. Patterns such as tree fern fronds, rooftops, wind towers and front fences are repeated up and down the street.

Toora Art Project

Louisa Vale, the project co-ordinator, is grateful for the town’s support. “With the generous grant from the Gardiner Foundation, we have achieved something really special for Toora today,” she said. “It has been great to have so much participation from people of all ages, and the reaction from the town has been overwhelmingly supportive. The whole street looks so vibrant now. Who knows what’s next!”

The freshly painted main street will soon host Toora’s first T.A.S.T.E festival over the Cup Weekend, with several alfresco live music venues, amazing food and of course the new art trail! 

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