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Deadly Sista Girlz in Broome, WA

Deadly Sista Girlz is a program designed to increase school attendance and retention rates of Aboriginal girls aged between 12-17 years. This program is based in Broome, 2,200 kms from Perth in WA.

Established and run by the David Wirrpanda Foundation, Deadly Sista Girlz is based on a mutal obligation process and a major goal of the program is to create a culturally sensitive environment which will be conducive to open and honest communication.

An ANZ Seeds of Renewal grant enabled the program mentors to purchase much needed IT equipment, including some iPads for the participants to build their skills and create resumes.

In the first 18 months of the program, the results have been very positive. In the first semester, the participants average school attendance rate was 80% for primary school and 87% for secondary school girls. This attendance rate is much higher that the state average for Aboriginal girls.

The program is reaching 75 Aboriginal girls in Broome and targets capacity building and improving self-esteem of participants, with the aim of increasing school attendance through culturally appropriate sessions on financial literacy, goal setting, career preparation and drup and alcohol education delivered by female Aboriginal mentors.

Few programs exist specifically for Aboriginal girls in regards to employment and education outcomes. Deadly Sista Girlz is a cultural specific program shaped around the needs of the target group.

Clearly a good fit for the Seeds of Renewal program, ANZ is proud to be involved with Deadly Sista Girlz and was happy to see the great results from the school attendance levels.

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