Disaster recovery marathon continues for 2013 disaster-impacted communities

$60,000 shared across communities in Tas, Vic, NSW & Qld

Bendigo, 27 January, 2016: In line with its commitment to providing support for the medium to long-term recovery, FRRR has made six grants totalling nearly $60,000 to rural and regional communities affected by natural disasters in 2013.  

Repair-Restore-Renew 2013 (RRR) is a collaboratively funded program established to support communities impacted by the bushfires, cyclones and floods in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in 2013.

Grants awarded range from $4,500 in Dorrigo, NSW for the printing of brochures promoting local attractions to increase tourism, to $15,000 for the repair and restoration of Glenmaggie Hall in Victoria, which is a central meeting point during emergencies. There is a strong focus on encouraging tourism and economic recovery across the projects.

Louise Mitchell, RRR program manager says these funds will be important in the medium to long-term recovery of these communities from the long-term effects of a natural disaster.

“We know from experience that communities impacted still need support 12-18 months afterwards, when the focus has moved on to more recent disasters. Communities have different concerns and recovery rates and as a result, the RRR program is deliberately diverse in the projects it supports,” Ms Mitchell said.

Natalie Egleton, FRRR’s CEO emphasises the importance of providing support for communities to lead their own recovery and implement projects that will support local priorities.

“We strongly believe that the communities themselves are best placed to make decisions around what is needed for their long-term recovery. It’s just as important to restore and renew local facilities, as it is to rebuild and strengthen community connectedness, all of which takes time,” said Ms Egleton.

The program is supported by a number of donors including Rotary International District 9800, John T Reid Charitable Trusts, Stand Up, ING Direct Foundation, and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.

Donations are now being accepted to provide similar support for those who were affected by natural disasters late last year and earlier this year.

Details of the projects funded to support 2013 disaster-impacted communities are below.





New South Wales


Destination Dorrigo Inc., NSW.

Defining Dorrigo Destination: This project aims to increase tourism by printing four different brochures on local attractions, and distributing them locally and regionally. This project is part of a community-driven plan to keep the town economically viable.




Glenmaggie Mechanics Institute, VIC

Glenmaggie Hall Floors, Doors & Verandahs: Funds will support the repair and restoration of aspects of the Hall to allow for more usability. During emergencies, the hall is a central meeting point for the community and Emergency Services. This project will contribute to the facility’s safety and utility.



Harrietville Community Forum Inc., VIC

Harrietville Community Forum Inc.: Funds will support the re-establishment of two bridges across washed-out areas of the local Bon Accord Walking Trail. The project will help to increase the accessibility of this track for locals and tourists alike, as well as helping to build relationships with Parks Victoria, who will also contribute in-kind labour.



Heyfield Wetlands Committee of Management Inc., VIC

Southern Alps Discovery Centre: To construct outdoor signage and information displays, in conjunction with Parks Victoria, and redesign the internal displays. The project aims to attract visitors and educate locals and visitors about the local environment.



Seaton Recreation Reserve Committee of Management (SRRCOM), VIC

Re-fencing Tennis Court – Recovering Community Assets: This project will enhance community connectivity, wellbeing and resilience and improve psychological wellbeing and mental health. Funds will enable the replacement of fencing around the public tennis court at Seaton, which was destroyed by fire. This will enhance the opportunities for youth and community engagement in a contained, safe and fun area, as the community has rebuilt all other aspects of the recreation reserve.




Ellendale Hall Committee Inc., TAS

Ellendale Revival: Funds will enable the hall Committee to purchase and install an audio-visual system at the community hall to improve the ability to communicate to large numbers of people during emergencies and for community events.




For comment, contact Louise Mitchell or Natalie Egleton on 03 5430 2399 or email news@frrr.org.au.

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