Community garden shoots from disused basketball court

A community garden project FRRR funded in June 2013 is making fantastic progress at their site on a derelict basketball court at the community centre in Ravenshoe, Qld. The Ravenshoe Community Centre Inc had received initial funding from the Tablelands Regional Council, but the FRRR grant, from our Repair-Restore-Renew Natural Disaster Recovery program, really got the ball rolling on the project. Since the $13,303 was awarded in June 2013, the “guerrilla gardening" project has been flying along, with costs covered for garden infrastructure, fencing, irrigation and half of the Project Administrator's costs. This last aspect was a driving factor in the project getting under way so quickly - our NSW and Queensland Natural Disaster Recovery program manager, Annie Wright, recently caught up with Christine McCullough, a Community Development worker with the Ravenshoe Community Centre Inc. Christine said that because FRRR was able to partially fund the Project Administrator position, there is someone really dedicated to making it happen.

Guerilla Gardening is a concept growing in popularity globally – where unused spaces are transformed into edible gardens tended to and harvested by the local community.

The Ravenshoe Community Garden has 20 members on the books and has been getting together on Saturday mornings to complete the garden infrastructure, including raised garden beds at a suitable height for wheelchair gardening, irrigation, fencing around the gardens and bird netting. The gardens are completely organic and producing some great stuff! The members are particularly enjoying the knowledge and skills exchange, and they have a lot of support through donations from the wider community.

As well as enjoying the fruits (and veges) of their labour by munching down on freshly harvested salads, the group will be putting together food boxes for the community centre within a month or so.


ABC Rural also published a lovely story about the garden, you can read it here.


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