Repairing the Pioneer Valley Kindergarten

The situation

The Pioneer Valley kindergarten in the township of Mirani, a small rural community about 35 kilometres west of Mackay, was affected by the devastating floods that hit the region in 2008. Flood water entering the building caused damage to flooring, walls, mattresses and educational equipment. The floods also caused mould damage to walls and curtains.

The response

The Pioneer Valley Kindergarten Association sought help to repair the damage. In conjunction with The Viertel Charitable Foundation, under the Repair-Restore-Renew program, FRRR provided a grant of $21,394.

The outcome

The interior of the kindy was repainted. The old mouldy curtains were replaced with rubber-backed, sun-block bright coloured curtains. New mattresses and a new storage trolley were purchased. The book shelves have been revamped and fitted with high castor wheels. Additionally, new rugs and new shelving have made life easier and the space clutter free. All involved with the kindergarten were reportedly delighted with the results, with the children especially enjoying the new equipment and mats on the floor.

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