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Eudunda Community Hub and Men's Shed

Eudunda is a small community of around 700 people located 110 km north east of Adelaide in South Australia. It is an ageing community with no community facility where people can gather to socialise or participate in community activities. A recent community arts project attracted more than 50 people demonstrating an interest in participating in community projects, indicating a need for an appropriate facility.

Eudunda Community Business and Tourism Association (ECBTA) is working in collaboration with the Regional Council of Goyder to establish a community hub, which includes a Men’s Shed, and the Council has provided space at its Works Depot for the Hub for people to come together to meet, create, socialise and learn.

As with most new projects when they start up, resources are scarce, and so ECBTA applied to FRRR’s Small Grants for Rural Communities program with the intention of purchasing woodworking tools. However, an appeal to the community for unused equipment drew a great response, with many woodworking tools being donated, thereby freeing up funds to purchase other hand tools that can be used by the mosaic tinkerers, in addition to a number of specialised woodworking tools.

In its first three months of operation, the Community Hub and Men’s Shed has more than 25 financial members who attend regularly, a range of varied interest groups (including wool crafts, mosaics and woodworking), as well as the dedicated ‘Shedders’ who are committed to establishing the Shed and ‘getting it going’.

It is very clear that interest in the Community Hub and Men’s Shed and its activities are growing, as evidenced by the increasing attendance at open days and general level of discussion around the community when the Hub is mentioned.

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