ANZ Seeds funding helps build computing skills in Okines

The Okines Community House, which operates in Okines, a town of about 5,000 people 40 kilometres south east of Hobart, hosts a wide range of activities and programs for the local community.

The group needed help to set up and equip a computer training facility. The project was intended to assist people to achieve economic independence. In addition to improving pre-employment skills, the project also sought to increase participant’s abilities to undertake everyday activities, such as budgeting, security, literacy, numeracy and to complete forms required for agencies like Centrelink.

Thanks to a grant of $6,111 from the ANZ Seeds of Renewal program, they were able to install six computers, software and a central printer which the community members use to send and read emails, do resumes and job applications, look for employment and undertake research.

Since opening, the centre has hosted literacy and numeracy workshops, called Making Ends Meet, which cover budgeting, managing money online and buying and selling on eBay. There are also plans for a resume / job application workshop.

Project Coordinator, Nat Siggins, says that they have achieved all of their aims.

“These facilities have and will continue to create valuable opportunities to improve the pre-employment skills of community members, in addition to advancing the knowledge and skill base of various members of the community. Thank you for supporting our application. We are truly grateful.”

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