Small Grant helps Blighty residents live healthily

At the end of 2011, through the Small Grants program, FRRR and the Yulgilbar Foundation provided $2,640 to The Blighty Advancement Committee. The project was based on the early success of a Healthy Eating, Active Living Program already operating in the community. Fifteen women from the NSW farming community had been working together, improving their health by losing weight and learning about healthy lifestyle choices.

Interest in the program was growing, however the group needed support to pay venue hire fees and hire a fitness specialist. The intention was to meet twice a month at the local hall with a fitness specialist, hold a cooking class every second month with a Commercial Cook and move the focus towards preventative health measures, providing access to health professionals and education on key topics of interest.

Rosalie Hilton, President of The Blighty Advancement Committee recently wrote to FRRR to say that this program had indeed fulfilled those ambitions.

“As an example, Judi Maple, a breast care nurse under the McGrath Foundation, came to talk to our group. She really was fantastic and all of the women thought this was an extremely valuable session. As always, we have plenty of laughs, providing a great morning of social interaction and a sense of belonging. Thank you again for your support. This program really is making a difference.”

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