Storage facility for St Johnís School P&F, Silkwood

The situation

The St John’s School Parents and Friends Association at Silkwood, 160 kilometres south of Cairns in far north Queensland, is an active group, responsible over the years for establishing a Community Kindergarten and playgroup, as well as air-conditioning the entire school and establishing and resourcing a reading scheme. In addition, they also run a uniform store and the local tuckshop.

This generated a lot of records, which together with the stock from the uniform store, used to be stored in the former presbytery building, which for decades acted as the unofficial P&F building. It also served as the Music Room and Art Room for the school.

However, the building was destroyed by Cyclone Larry, along with most of the financial records, tables, chairs and equipment stored there.

The Association sought funds to replace the uninsured building with a demountable storage facility / shed.

The response

Under the Repair-Renew-Restore program, FRRR was able to fund the purchase of a kit building and the associated construction costs, totalling $26,802.60.

The outcome

Despite being completed a little later than expected, due to the delays caused by more inclement weather and contractors not being available, not to mention additional flooding, the new storage facility is now in place, replacing the devastated former building.

Parents no longer have to lug records and uniforms from home to home to keep them safe. They also have access to a facility without disturbing school.

In addition, it has given the community a sense of recovery and renewal and a belief that their small community is still worthwhile and still viable.

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