Swim to survive - but first we need to get to the pool!

Nyabing Primary School Swimming Lessons
Nyabing Primary School swimming lessons

The small town of Nyabing was at a loss to figure out how to afford to take the 35 children enrolled at the local primary school to another town for swimming lessons. The closest swimming pool was 30kms out of town, but they still had to provide students with swimming lessons in accordance with school curriculum requirements.

Nyabing Primary School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) had attempted to raise the money  but with only around 120 people in the town, it was a challenge.

However, when the local funds were added to a $1,500 grant from FRRR's REAPing Rewards program, the children of Nyabing were bussed to a pool in Dumbleyung for five consecutive days of swimming lessons.

Mr John Jolley, who oversaw the grant application, said that the benefit to the students was evident and would stand them in good stead in the future.

“All 35 children would’ve have missed out if we didn’t have the transport to take them to and from Dumbleyung.

“Approximately 60% of students who attended the swimming lessons passed their competency stages. This was evident in a swimming carnival hosted by a neighbouring school where our students excelled, with some even winning trophies for their efforts.”

During the organisation process, Nyabing Primary School did hit some speed bumps. But with the grant money they were able to overcome them, and deliver this important program to their students. Well Done!

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