Bymount's Creative Odyssey

Bymount Creative Circle

Bymount is a small town in south west Queensland with a population of 400. The community has limited access to creative art and cultural activities, and people cannot access skills development in the creative arts easily. The area has been affected by adverse weather and many people are suffering stress from the impact of the ongoing drought.

With support from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation under the Tackling Tough Times Together program, Bymount Creative Circle received $10,000 to run a full weekend art and crafts participatory event at Injune. Fourteen creative workshops were held over a two-day period at the Creative Odyssey event, which was facilitated by eight talented artisans. The workshops covered a variety of different mediums including painting scrapbooking, fabric dyeing, paverpol, jewellery making and sewing. The event attracted more than 150 people from far and wide with some travelling over three hours to attend. People of all ages participated, from high school students to seniors.

The event was well planned and had many positive outcomes for the participants, not least of which was the opportunity to explore their creative side and expand their skill base across a range of disciplines. This resulted in a real boost to morale in the drought stricken community, as did the opportunity to connect and share stories with others in a similar situation.

The event, A Creative Odyssey received the Maranoa Regional Council’s Award for the best cultural event at the Australia Day celebrations.

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