Some relief for drought affected communities, but more help needed

Tenterfield Lions Club Catering trailer - partly funded by a TTTT grant.

Bendigo, 31 April, 2016: FRRR today announced some relief for sixteen community groups in parts of New South Wales and Queensland still experiencing drought, awarding $191,247 in grants for projects to help local groups tackle tough times together.

The grants come from FRRR’s Tackling Tough Times Together program, which is designed to support community based activities to help relieve current stressors and symptoms and most importantly build capacity and resilience for the future.

The projects in this sixth round of the program cover a range of initiatives, such as the replacement of the Aramac Community Bus, the fitting out of a women’s shed in Charters Towers and the expansion of student development programs in Longreach, Queensland. In NSW, programs supported included a free outdoor movie screening in Yetman, Getting Fit and Fabulous in Glenn Innes and extending a shed to house a community BBQ trailer in Tenterfield. The complete list of projects funded in this round is available on FRRR’s website.

Frankie Opie, FRRR’s program manager said that there were 77 applications requesting a total of $1,504,783 for projects valued at $3,247,224, with most focussed on reducing social isolation and enhancing community connectivity.

“A review of the program confirmed the positive impact it is having on these drought affected communities, but in line with feedback we have tweaked it somewhat including doubling the maximum small grant from $10,000 to $20,000 to take into account the higher levels of expenses in travel, providing goods, services and specialist personnel in remote and rural regions.

“We have also refocused the program slightly, putting more emphasis on building community leadership development and skills training, with a view to longer-term sustainability,” explained Ms Opie.

Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) is a collaboratively funded grant program currently supported by The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (for Queensland projects), The Yulgilbar Foundation (for NSW projects), FRRR, Aussie Farmers Foundation, Qantas, and individual donors. The program has a specific focus on funding grassroots, community-led projects across 42 drought-declared regions of Queensland and northern regions of NSW plus areas in western NSW.

Given the number of applications received, communities continue to find it tough on a day by day basis dealing with the widespread impacts of drought, explains FRRR CEO, Natalie Egleton. 

“With only 21% of projects able to be funded in this round, there is clearly a gap and we are working hard to source additional funding to enable the Tackling Tough Times Together program to continue.

“Through this program we can make it possible for communities to come together in various ways to relieve current stressors and symptoms, and most importantly, build capacity and resilience for the future.”

FRRR invites contributions from individuals, trusts, foundations or companies to this program, so that more people and their communities can be supported. Donations can be made online – – or by contacting Natalie or Frankie on 03 5430 2399. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Tackling Tough Times Together Round 6 – Table of Grant Recipients


Project Title



Glenrac Incorporated

Glen Innes Farmers - Fit & Fabulous

Enhancing community connectedness and increasing awareness of mental health through the facilitation of two events.


The Lions Club of Tenterfield Incorporated


Catering for Community Stage 2

To engage and support strong social cohesion with building an extension onto the shed to house the community BBQ trailer.


Yetman Hall and Progress Association


Fun and Flicks Under the Stars

Connecting small isolated communities and reducing financial barriers to participation with the screening of a free outdoor movie event in three towns.



Aramac Community Development Association Incorporated


Driving Out of the Drought - Aramac Community Bus

Reducing isolation in the remote community by improving transport options with the replacement of the community bus.


Aramac Rodeo Club


Aramac Community Catering Made Easy

Increase social cohesion, wellbeing and connection across the community by providing catering equipment and furniture for the Aramac showgrounds, enabling the town to host larger events.


Boulia Shire Council


Take a Chance on Me

Improving community morale and enhancing mental health awareness through the facilitation of a music event.


Croydon Heritage Preservation Association Incorporated


Croydon Film Showcase – Movies From All Eras

Strengthening social cohesion and reducing isolation with the provision of monthly movie nights.


Hughenden Campdrafters’ Association Incorporated 


Keep Calm and Campdraft 

Providing the community with much needed social interaction and cohesion with the engagement of a motivational speaker and entertainment.


ICPA Qld Incorporated - St George Branch


Bring on the Breaker

Supporting strengthened and more resilient community ties during times of drought through a creative education camp for remote students and their families - developing student skills and socialisation opportunities whilst giving parents both a break and peer support.


Mundubbera Enterprise Association Incorporated


Right Tracks Right Minds

Enhancing mental health and wellbeing of Mundubbera men with the provision of materials, building and installation of a Men’s Shed as part of a wider community revitalisation project.


Muttaburra Community Development Association Incorporated


A Crackling Night to Remember

Improving social cohesion and community connectedness through a community dinner with entertainment.


Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Ltd


Resourcing Women of the North - Dust of the Drought Day

Empowering participants with practical strategies to help deal with effects of the drought with the facilitation of a two day women’s retreat.


Roughlie Community Centre Incorporated


We Need a Loo

Ensuring community capacity to gather, reducing social isolation with the installation of a public ablutions block, supporting community comfort and basic amenity.


The Charters Towers Women of the Outback Shed Incorporated


Women of the Outback Unit

Enabling women in the community to learn basic skills and improve social wellbeing with the fitting out of a new women’s shed.


Longreach Arts & Cultural Association Incorporated


The Spirit of Place - Our Local Landscape

Increasing skills and strengthening social bonds in the community with the provision of art workshops for adults and children.


Rotary Club of Longreach Incorporated


Growing Longreach's Future Leaders During Drought

Developing leadership and problem solving skills and reducing participation barriers with the expansion of reach of a student development program.



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