Qld drought-affected communities get a helping hand

Bendigo, 20 September 2018: Sixteen community projects in drought-ravaged Queensland are the beneficiaries of the latest round of Tackling Tough Times Together grants, sharing $251,947 in grants.

The program was developed in conjunction with the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation who continue to support it, along with the Qantas Foundation and a number of individual supporters.

Celebrating young people's artwork at the Tambo Grassland Art Gallery

Among the projects funded this round are:

  • Hughenden and Julia Creek will host a residency of the Flipside Circus to engage young people across the McKinlay and Flinders Shires. 
  • Injune Working Together Placemaking Project will strengthen the Injune community through the collaborative construction of a public art piece.
  • Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) Ltd will enhance rural and remote leadership, communication, and stress management skills through a three-day leadership program for 20 participants.
  • Cobb & Co Festival will increase tourism and in turn local pride by engaging a coordinator to assist in the development of the Cobb & Co Festival, develop a promotional app supported by still and motion photography.

Natalie Egleton, FRRR CEO, says that with more than half of Queensland declared as being in drought, it is vitally important that communities come together and help share the load, which what these projects aim to do.

“FRRR received 26 applications in this tenth round of Tackling Tough Times Together, and it was inspiring to see the range of ideas that community groups are bringing to the table, as a way of easing the burden of drought,” Ms Egleton said.

In 2017, Keppel Coast Arts Council (KCAC), a volunteer-run not-for-profit community organisation received a $50,000 Tackling Tough Times Together grant. KCAC developed the annual Legend and the Locals Tour. It is a concept where a music ‘legend’, support acts and a conductor / composer travel to regional Queensland towns and connect with local communities through workshops and performances that involve local artists.

The Tour visited Collinsville, Hughenden, Blackall and Capella. Attending this kind of show or participating in a music workshop is often not an option for many local families due to distance, financial barriers and a lack of opportunity.

KCAC has again received a grant in this latest round of TTTT, with the funds going towards taking the Legend and The Locals Tour to Capella, Blackall, Ayr and Hughenden in 2019.

Ms Egleton says that the Legend and the Locals Tour is an excellent example of the need for return intervention.

“The drought is on-going and creates an evolving need within communities,” Ms Egleton explained. “Strategies to help require multiple touch-points that can adapt to what communities need at that particular time.”

As one resident said, “The benefits of something like this may seem small, but these events have long-lasting effects. It gives communities the confidence to put on their performances; it inspires them and makes them more creative.”

Kate Schlick, Project Creator, explained that many of the communities they visit don’t have a choir or orchestra, so they need to pull them together to participate in the tour.

“These communities have not come together in this way before and the community connection that they create is really inspiring,” said Ms Schlick.

With the tour returning to many of the same locations as in 2017, this second grant provides a reason for the choirs, orchestras, local bands and musicians to keep practising and performing together, and gives them something for all locals to look forward to.





Charleville School of Distance Education P&C Association

Kids Priority Despite Drought and Distance

Enable social connection among students and families of the Charleville School of Distance Education by providing fuel and accommodation reimbursement to families for the end of the year celebratory gathering.



ICPA Charters Towers through Isolated Children's Parents' Assoc - Qld Inc.

Fit for Rural Futures - Fitness, Fun and Opportunity for Rural Families – 2018

Support skill development and relationship building for isolated families by supporting costs associated with delivering a four-day camp.

Charters Towers


Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre Inc.

"Understanding Cotton" Documentary Video

Encourage tourism through the creation of a 10-minute video explaining the cotton production process, the main industry in the area.



Flipside Circus Association Inc. through
Hughenden Gymnastics Club Incorporated

Flipside Circus – Hughenden and Julia Creek Residencies

Support participation in community activities by facilitating a 12-day Circus residency that will particularly engage young people across the McKinlay and Flinders Shires. Funds will be used for wages, accommodation, car hire, project management, circus equipment and publicity materials.

Flinders &McKinlay Shires


Friends of Paradise Inc.

Biggenden APEX Rose Festival

Enhance community cohesion by supporting the recommencement of a valued community event. Funds will be used for electrical equipment and engaging an artist, musician or entertainer.



Injune Churches Together through
Advance Injune Inc.

Injune Working Together Placemaking Project

Strengthen the Injune community through the collaborative construction of a public art piece. Funds will be used for hardware and to install landscaping.



Longreach State High School

Mural Art Youth Community Workshop to Celebrate Longreach Culture and Environment

Foster civic participation through engagement of an artist to create a series of large-scale artistic works with Longreach community members and students.



Paroo Contact Children's Mobile
Contact Incorporated

Building Early Childhood Networks

Support planning for the Paroo Contact Children’s Mobile through engagement with the community and providing a needs analysis report.

Noorama, Cunnamulla, Thargomindah, Quilpie


Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) Ltd

Leading in the Central West

Promote rural and remote leadership development, communication, and stress management by offering a three-day leadership program for 20 participants.



St George ICPA through
Isolated Children's Parents' Assoc - Qld Inc.

Breaker Camp 2018

Foster skill development and social interaction by holding a four-day “Breaker Camp” for isolated children and their families in southern Central Queensland. Funds will be used to support the cost of meals for the duration of the camp.

St George


Thallon Progress Association Inc.

Food for the Soul

Facilitate social connection through the purchase and installation of a functioning kitchen at the Thallon Community Club House.



Theodore Community Link Incorporated

Future Ready Theodore

Support organisational development, capacity building and strategic thinking via the delivery of a two-day strategic governance workshop.



Windorah Rodeo Club

Kitchen and Bar Upgrade

Increase community interaction and socialisation through the upgrade of the Windorah Rodeo Club kitchen with new stainless-steel benches.



Boulia Shire Council

Chill’n’Grill – BBQing for Boulia
Support community groups in Boulia Shire by purchasing a Chill’n’Grill BBQ trailer, which will be available for community groups to hire for free.



Cobb & Co Festival through Surat & District Development Association

Cobb & Co Festival – Celebrating Australia’s Last Coach Run
Increase tourism and a local sense of pride through engaging a coordinator to assist in the development of the Cobb & Co Festival, and developing a promotional app supported by still and motion photography.

Surat, Yuleba


Hey There Happiness through
Keppel Coast Arts Council Incorporated

Legend & the Locals 2019
Grow community pride and social cohesion, improve the local economy, inspire local talent and provide an entertaining event for the community by facilitating workshops and a music concert in four drought-affected communities with an industry ‘Legend’.

Capella, Blackall, Ayr, Hughenden



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