TV documentary highlights rural and regional issues

ABC TV’s Country Town Rescue documentary, which tells the story of how the small community of Trundle, NSW, is working together to reinvigorate their town, is helping to raise the profile of the issues facing rural and regional communities, as well as the innovative approaches developed to respond to them.

FRRR CEO, Alexandra Gartmann, says that the communities that respond best to the various challenges are those that are socially and politically connected beyond their immediate community.

“Although not all communities have the same issues as Trundle, some of the common themes we see include the need for diversity in rural employment; the importance of enhanced education, childcare and health services; and the need to upgrade or create infrastructure to enable rural communities to come together.

“FRRR can help small rural towns to connect to similar communities and share best practice, as well as raise the broader issues and highlight specific community concerns with decision makers.

“FRRR can also help by providing funding to support renewal programs, such as we did in Theodore, Queensland through the 2010 Revive and Thrive Grant Program. Theodore was able to use that grant to stimulate economic development, which in turn gave them greater capacity to withstand the devastation they faced in last year’s floods,” said Ms Gartmann.

For information about how FRRR could help your community, or how your Trust or Foundation can support rural communities, call 03 5430 2399 or drop us an email.

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