The VoiceMob Project

A community choir project uses the flash mob concept

The Yarra Ranges might seem a bit of a strange place in the coming months to those unfamiliar with the concept of flash mobbing. And they could be forgiven for thinking the Ranges are ringing, for that’s exactly what they’ll be doing if all goes to plan for the much-anticipated VoiceMob project, coordinated by the Yarra Ranges Council.

It is an all singing, all signing, all dancing flash mob project happening in the Yarra Ranges between February and June 2014, funded by FRRR’s Grants for Resilience and Wellness (GR&W) program which focuses on providing assistance towards community-strengthening and resilience-building projects for communities affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

Bringing a community together to continue their recovery journey

A flash mob is an apparently spontaneous public gathering where people perform an unusual or seemingly random act in the name of fun and then disperse. The VoiceMob project is modelled on this concept, and has been designed in the name of fun and creativity to bring together shower singers and car soloists from across the Yarra Ranges to make music together.

People of all ages and abilities will come together to sing en-masse on the streets of the Yarra Ranges. Using footpaths, offices, parks, festivals and shopping centres as its stage, the VoiceMob project will emerge from the crowd and create a moment of theatrical wonder before melting back into everyday life.

Performing arts events of this nature have been proven to help communities affected by natural disasters come together to heal through a common creative and expressive experience.

An extensive rehearsal schedule has been organised

Rehearsals began in early February and the VoiceMob Project Coordinator from the Yarra Ranges Council, Santha Press, said that it has been, and continues to be, a huge process.

“We now have 16 public rehearsals and 15 school workshops scheduled in the fire-affected region which kicked off in the first week of February at Yarra Glen, and a further 21 rehearsals scheduled across the rest of the Yarra Ranges.”

Marketing materials have been developed to spread the word around the Ranges, and the VoiceMob project’s website has been launched and uploaded with songs, lyrics and sheet music and videos of the Auslan moves to accompany the singing.

We are all looking forward to seeing how the vision of getting the community singing on the street will eventuate. So far so good! Stay posted for future updates.

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